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Ravenswood 2013

Five strangers are connected by the curse that has plagued Ravenswood for generations...

I. Marlene King, Mick Garris, Ron Lagomarsino, ...
Grant James, Elton LeBlanc, James DuMont, ...
Drama, Horror

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Solar rating: 8


Imdb rating: 6.8

Latest Episode: My Haunted Heart (s01e10) February 4, 2014

Season 1

February 4, 2014 Episode 10 My Haunted Heart 37 links
January 28, 2014 Episode 9 Along Came a Spider 73 links
January 21, 2014 Episode 8 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 72 links
January 14, 2014 Episode 7 Home Is Where the Heart Is (Seriously Check the... 66 links
January 7, 2014 Episode 6 Revival 73 links
November 19, 2013 Episode 5 Scared to Death 47 links
November 12, 2013 Episode 4 The Devil Has a Face 42 links
November 5, 2013 Episode 3 Believe 48 links
October 29, 2013 Episode 2 Death and the Maiden 50 links
October 22, 2013 Episode 1 Pilot 39 links


@aria9613 Yeah unfortunately it was- still can't believe it but there you go :-(
@Misabel13 OMG they cancelled it !!! :( and there was me waiting for it
Still can't believe they actually cancelled this show! It was such a good show I was totally hooked! ABC- you suck! ;-(
My favorite shows from ABC always get canceled, I really should stop watching stuff from ABC.
Nah! Seriously!?! CANCELED???? I Feel that this show just got started! What Retard Decided to Cancel Good Shows!?! UGH!!!!! >.<
cancelled? ughhh is anyone else really tired of getting into a new show only for it to be cancelled? :(
oh you're kiddin me ..bloody eck !
Seriously ABC family sucksssssss! There is nothing worse than being hooked on a show and then after thinking all along its going to be renewed, they cancel it! I detest not having closure- and this kind of ending gives none at all. I am utterly disappointed :-(
how long before season 2 ?..ayi yai yai
nothing to watch on tuesdays now ..
I didn't expect this to be a good show because of some comments I read earlier on but I must say I was surprised at how caught up I got in it, and I am not usually into these kinds of shows.
Can't wait for season 2 now...:-)
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