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Pretty Little Liars 2010

Four friends band together against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, while unraveling the mystery of the murder of their best friend...

Norman Buckley, Ron Lagomarsino, Chris Grismer, ...
Chris Nuñez, Nicole Lynnae Sullivan, Rose Abdoo, ...
Drama, Mystery, Thriller ...

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Solar rating: 8.4


Imdb rating: 7.9

Latest Episode: Don't Look Now (s06e04) June 23, 2015

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Season 6

Episode 20 Episode #6.20 0 links
January 1, 2016 Episode 11 Of Late I Think of Rosewood 0 links
August 4, 2015 Episode 10 Game Over Charles 0 links
July 28, 2015 Episode 9 Episode #6.9 0 links
July 21, 2015 Episode 8 Episode #6.8 0 links
July 14, 2015 Episode 7 Episode #6.7 0 links
July 7, 2015 Episode 6 Episode #6.6 0 links
June 30, 2015 Episode 5 She's No Angel 0 links You have a link?
June 23, 2015 Episode 4 Don't Look Now 277 links
June 16, 2015 Episode 3 Songs of Experience 258 links
June 9, 2015 Episode 2 Songs of Innocence 281 links
June 2, 2015 Episode 1 Game on Charles 276 links

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Well that was quite the season opening..! to tell the truth I was really sceptical especially with season's 5 ending. We still don't know who Charles is and there is a season 7 coming up as well, the last one this time. I mean there have been so many As I might be one too. Anyhow I hope the season continues to be as good as the first episode was and finally get some questions answered cause dmn I've been waiting since season 1
Gurl if you read the comments, this is da lissu.
my god just saw the promo cannot wait for the finally i think aria is A
This is actually getting really good, can't wait for the last episode of the season !!
where is the new episode !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cannot wait for the new episode
PLL is awesome mind bugging show.beginning of the season 5 and they added more TWISTS and TURNS.but now m shockingly surprised."pretty little liars" is a drama show.and it supposed to be drama genre show,but with adding new twist,leap(5*11), m confused.
i like ravenswood but with pll,its ridiculous.drama is endless in rosewood.and m happy with need ghosts in rosewood.bcs we already have one living ghost->A..........
imagine A with an army of ghosts lol......
when will episode 11 air?? I'm so curious
is there anyone who thinks REAL GAME STARTS NOW!well my spidey sense are telling me the real game begins now.what we watched from s1 to s4 was just a trailer.i had this feeling from the day ABC renewed PLL through season 7.
PLL writers did great(thats why no one knows who A is?).
and now i had this feeling that they are gonna burst our mind.they are really good in this.
@sweetsara2001 @walid620 PLL writers are really doing best.they are playing with our minds very well.they'll reveal who A is then its going to turn out that the person thats been A has been working for B and B is controlled by C and then in season 7 all the girls have kids and then their kids start getting txt from D so on and so forth.
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