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Missing 2012

When a woman's son goes missing under suspicious circumstances, she will do anything it takes to find him...

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Imdb rating:6.9

Latest Episode: Rain on the Evil and on the Good (s01e10) May 16, 2012, UTC

Before she can set off for Istanbul, Becca has to get Paul out of prison. Dax Miller can't do anything through official channels so he does the next best thing. Once on their way, they are

Season 1

May 16, 2012, UTC Episode 10 Rain on the Evil and on the Good 4 links
May 9, 2012, UTC Episode 9 Promise 4 links
May 2, 2012, UTC Episode 8 Answers 4 links
April 25, 2012, UTC Episode 7 Measure of a Man 4 links
April 18, 2012, UTC Episode 6 A Busy Solitude 4 links
April 11, 2012, UTC Episode 5 The Three Bears 5 links
April 4, 2012, UTC Episode 4 Tell Me No Lies 5 links
March 28, 2012, UTC Episode 3 Ice Queen 6 links
March 21, 2012, UTC Episode 2 The Hard Drive 4 links
March 14, 2012, UTC Episode 1 Pilot 4 links


Outstanding show. They just need to cut the last 3 minutes of the finale and make it self contained mini series.
arrested development gives some hope:(USA)2003-06 now Netflix restarted 2013, though not the norm
Not sure what's a reasonable time lapse to maintain hope of another network pick=up. While checking Judd on imdb, hoping to see at least a pre/post production note for S2, it dawned on me that following 'Missing" on her page may not work, that as you suggested, another actress might play Becca Winstone.
Yeah, I wasn't necessarily a Judd fan but after really enjoying about the third movie that she happen to be in (e.g., Along Came a Spider, Kiss the Girls) I realized she must have something to do with it :)
S1E10 certainly left it open for a 2nd series - any news about that?

Fast moving abduction/espionage plot with mostly excellent acting, lots of action and twists and turns. Had me guessing for some time. Sure, there were a few plot holes but I didn't let it take away from enjoying the show.

i enjoyed cant wait for next episode

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