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Merlin 2008

The adventures of the legendary sorcerer as a young man...

Jeremy Webb, Alice Troughton, David Moore, ...
Mackenzie Crook, Barry Aird, John Hurt, ...
Drama, Family, Adventure, ...

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Solar rating: 9.6


Imdb rating: 7.9

Latest Episode: The Diamond of the Day: Part Two (s05e13) May 31, 2013

With Arthur's forces outnumbered, Merlin arrives in his guise as the aged sorcerer to defeat Morgana's army with magic. Arthur kills Mordred but is wounded and rescued by Merlin, who

Season 5

May 31, 2013 Episode 13 The Diamond of the Day: Part Two 12 links
May 24, 2013 Episode 12 The Diamond of the Day: Part One 12 links
May 17, 2013 Episode 11 The Drawing of the Dark 11 links
May 10, 2013 Episode 10 The Kindness of Strangers 10 links
May 3, 2013 Episode 9 With All My Heart 13 links
February 22, 2013 Episode 8 The Hollow Queen 9 links
February 15, 2013 Episode 7 A Lesson in Vengeance 10 links
February 8, 2013 Episode 6 The Dark Tower 10 links
February 1, 2013 Episode 5 The Disir 12 links
January 25, 2013 Episode 4 Another's Sorrow 12 links
January 18, 2013 Episode 3 The Death Song of Uther Pendragon 11 links
January 11, 2013 Episode 2 Arthur's Bane: Part Two 13 links
January 4, 2013 Episode 1 Arthur's Bane: Part One 12 links

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1


Just finished binge watching the whole 5 seasons :). What a great show! Now I wish they had another 5 seasons.
This was such a great show. I still miss it.
Love this show! It is amazing!
Such a shame this show has to end :(
its so sad that the show had to end :(
but with luck there will be 3 more films!!!
i really miss this was something me and my sister could watch together an enjoy.
@Flicker2013 Really?? gah!. It's one of my faves :( *qq*
I /WE Wish , but sadly no. :(
Read back there's proof *sigh* The best show ever! sniff
It's still on BBC lineup so hopefully their will be another season.
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