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Leverage 2008

A crew of high-tech crooks attempt to steal from wealthy criminals and corrupt businessmen...

Marc Roskin, Dean Devlin, Jonathan Frakes, John Harrison, Arvin Brown, John Rogers, Jeremiah S. Chechik, Peter Winther, Rod Hardy, P.J. Pesce, Tawnia McKiernan, Craig R. Baxley, Tony Bill, Rob Minkoff, Peter O'Fallon, Millicent Shelton, Frank Oz ...
Mike McNamara, Patrick M. Walsh, Spencer Garrett, Alec Holmes, Clancy Brown, Christa Campbell, Willa Ford, Timothy Hutton, Brad Heller, Aldis Hodge, Katie O'Grady, Robert Blanche, Jay Acovone, Tony Domino, Giota Trakas, Rian Turner, John Bailey, Richard Kind, Shelly Lipkin, Doug Baldwin, Glen Baggerly, Kari Matchett, Garrett M. Brown, Rick Overton, Ezra Buzzington, Leon Rippy, Mason Knight, Bruce Davison, Kevin Tighe, Jim Shinkle, Joe Bucaro III, Beth Riesgraf, Wil Wheaton, Christian Kane, David Meunier, David S. Lee, Sherry Ham-Bernard, Ginger Williams, Holly Dorff, Goran Visnjic, Ed Smaron, Jeri Ryan, Juan Canopii, Drew Powell, Dan Falcone, Gregg Henry, Owen Martin, Gina Bellman, Michael J. Prosser, Danny Bruno, Kaylee Dodson, Jaime Zevallos, Jon Ashley Hall, Salvator Xuereb, Elisabetta Canalis, Alex Carter, Blake Lindsley, Geno Romo, Brad Slitz, Gerald Downey, Michael McGrady, Chris Gann, Andrew J. Lee, Viji Nathan, Eric Newsome, Jan Brehm, Val Landrum, Allen Nause, Doug Brooks, Ray Buckley, Zachary Vitale, Monte Markham, Scott Lowell, Paul Blackthorne, Craig Sunderlin, Mark Sheppard, Ira Kortum, Melik Malkasian, Andy Mangels, Trish Egan, Candice Mann, Orianna Herrman, John Cragen, Sanjay Chandani, Diego Velazquez, Jeanette McMahon, Mueen Jahan Ahmad, Pete Robertson, Sam J. Warner, Bill Ibrahim, Derek Sitter, Ronald Auguste, Rene Napoli, Adeoye Mabogunje, Lorinda Roslund, Sean Goodearl, Tim Gouran, Doren Elias, David Cascadden, Sharon Knorr, Marcel Davis, Van Allen, Julie Roy, Kareem Hill, Leor Aigen, Tommy Hestmark, Sophie Soong, Tisha Terrasini Banker, Megan Kathleen Duffy, David Castellani, Marisa Lee, Lisa Schurga, Collin Peacock, Steve Coker, Grace Hsu, Tim True, Cathy Vu, Ben Raymondjack, Matthew Sa, Harold Phillips, Mike Hawkins, Nnamdi Asomugha, Simon Pringle, Marissa Price, Edric Carter, Alfredo Herard, Erin McGarry, Jonah Weston, Brian Silverman, Edward Stiner, Delcie Adams, Jake Street, Marco Morales, Doug Brooks, Nicole McCullough, Joel Clark Ackerman, Joe Von Appen, Ariel Shaw, Ben O'Rourke, Cameron Kolkemo, Charissa J. Adams, John Hoffman, Seth Allen, Brandon Petty, Timothy Levine, Grace Arends, Victor Kepler, Trish Hunter, Charlie Norris, Emily Sahler, Sara Crawford, Kevin Scott Martin, Philip Orazio, Sylvie Davidson, Ben Gondo ...
Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Action ...

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Solar rating: 8.8


Imdb rating: 7.9

Latest Episode: The Long Good-bye Job (s05e15) December 25, 2012

Nate takes the team on one of its most dangerous missions, a con related to the death of his son

Season 5

December 25, 2012 Episode 15 The Long Good-bye Job 9 links
December 18, 2012 Episode 14 The Toy Job 10 links
December 11, 2012 Episode 13 The Corkscrew Job 9 links
December 4, 2012 Episode 12 The White Rabbit Job 10 links
November 27, 2012 Episode 11 The Low Low Price Job 9 links
September 16, 2012 Episode 10 The Frame-Up Job 8 links
September 16, 2012 Episode 9 The Rundown Job 10 links
September 9, 2012 Episode 8 The Broken Wing Job 9 links
September 2, 2012 Episode 7 The Real Fake Car Job 9 links
August 26, 2012 Episode 6 The D.B. Cooper Job 9 links
August 19, 2012 Episode 5 The Gimme a K Street Job 9 links
August 12, 2012 Episode 4 The French Connection Job 9 links
August 5, 2012 Episode 3 The First Contact Job 10 links
July 22, 2012 Episode 2 The Blue Line Job 9 links
July 15, 2012 Episode 1 The (Very) Big Bird Job 8 links

Season 4

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Season 2

Season 1


A sad loss for sure! I was totally hooked and would advise anyone who hasn't seen the series to give it a go.
My fave show when it was on. But it had run its course and was time to finish it. I would like to see a movie or two though, in the future. Happily, a show called Scorpion has come along to take its place.
Whaaattt!!! They cancelled it!! DA HELL!! Why is it that i'm just finding this out!!!!
Such a good show. I'm sad that they had cancelled it.
One of my favourite show!! ♡♡♡
This show was another that was shot in my hometown. I enjoyed watching this show, it had a different format for me to watch, wasn't like all the shows in its genre , it was sad when tnt cancelled it. My only hope is that some other network will pick it up and roll with it. It's happened before
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Leverage S5/E15 The Long Goodbye Job' "Series Finale!" :(
Release date: December 25, 2012 (USA)
Summary: When Nate takes a case linked to his son's death, he leads the team into their riskiest and deadliest con.
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