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House of Cards 2013

A Congressman works with his equally conniving wife to exact revenge on the people who betrayed him...

James Foley, Allen Coulter, David Fincher, ...
Robin Wright, David Andrews, Kevin Spacey, ...

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Solar rating: 9.3


Imdb rating: 9.1

Latest Episode: Chapter 39 (s03e13) February 27, 2015

Francis and Claire's relationship reaches a critical point. Doug catches up with his past

Season 4

Season 3

February 27, 2015 Episode 13 Chapter 39 72 links
February 27, 2015 Episode 12 Chapter 38 45 links
February 27, 2015 Episode 11 Chapter 37 39 links
February 27, 2015 Episode 10 Chapter 36 121 links
February 27, 2015 Episode 9 Chapter 35 129 links
February 27, 2015 Episode 8 Chapter 34 125 links
February 27, 2015 Episode 7 Chapter 33 122 links
February 27, 2015 Episode 6 Chapter 32 127 links
February 27, 2015 Episode 5 Chapter 31 123 links
February 27, 2015 Episode 4 Chapter 30 122 links
February 27, 2015 Episode 3 Chapter 29 150 links
February 27, 2015 Episode 2 Chapter 28 148 links
February 27, 2015 Episode 1 Chapter 27 164 links

Season 2

Season 1


I was on the fence about starting this series, but it hooked me immediately and I can't stop watching ever since! It is so masterfully written, and the performances - I can't even begin to describe how amazing the acting is. Politics has never been my cup of tea, but there is so much more at stake in this series. Trust me, if you are considering giving this series a shot, drop everything and start watching it asap. 10/10 from me!
Also, Neve Campbell seems to have signed on.. might be kinda nice to see her again.
Season 4 of House of Cards was announced on April 2, 2015 and will air in 2016.
There must be another season. It's unrealistic to ends the show this way :(
Ending to season 3 was very poor.
I'm disappointed with season 3 so far (I'm on e08). Part of the fun was seeing his laser focused ruthlessness to get to the presidency. This wishy washy, almost wandering Underwood is much less fun.
Well I looked also..and the writers and stars are not saying now..I think there will be one last season..even though they did not announce for a season 4 early like they did the other seasons..I just feel like they can't leave it like this..some people are saying they think there will be one last season because the numbers of each show will add up to a full deck of cards...sounds silly I know but who knows..I just hope they will tie everything up and not leave it like that...
@Dee5858 Well originally it was only supposed to be 2 seasons Netflix ordered. Then many people loved it so they said they wanted MORE so Netflix finally ok'd for one more season 3.
I have seen interviews etc on YouTube and read many articles on Kevin Spacey saying Season 3 was the last but.... Now that i just searched all over the web for proof. NOW i can not find any. sooooo Who knows. If I find any I will share. Cheers...
OMG that was a awesome season...oh no tell me it's not so..Are they cancelling it..after that..what is wrong with netflix...I got see what happens...
@Flicker2013 until i see confirmation that this show is over i still believe
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