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Hannibal 2013

Explores the early relationship between the renowned psychiatrist and his patient, a young FBI criminal profiler, who is haunted by his ability to empathize with serial killers...

Tim Hunter, Michael Rymer, David Slade, ...
Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, Aidan Devine, ...
Drama, Horror, Thriller, ...

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Solar rating: 9.3


Imdb rating: 8.6

Latest Episode: Episode #3.5 (s03e05) July 2, 2015

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Season 3

August 27, 2015 Episode 13 The Wrath of the Lamb 0 links
August 20, 2015 Episode 12 Episode #3.12 0 links
August 13, 2015 Episode 11 ...And the Beast from the Sea 0 links
August 6, 2015 Episode 10 ...And the Woman Clothed with the Sun 0 links
July 30, 2015 Episode 9 ...And the Woman Clothed in Sun 0 links
July 23, 2015 Episode 8 The Great Red Dragon 0 links
July 16, 2015 Episode 7 Digestivo 0 links
July 9, 2015 Episode 6 Episode #3.6 0 links
July 2, 2015 Episode 5 Episode #3.5 252 links
June 25, 2015 Episode 4 Episode #3.4 263 links
June 18, 2015 Episode 3 Secondo 255 links
June 11, 2015 Episode 2 Primavera 250 links
June 4, 2015 Episode 1 Antipasto 238 links

Season 2

Season 1


@KingSlayer @panty_hampster @Trauma65 @Mr_Gee35 @motherboard @madmadeline Our lovely Cannibal is back in action tonight!
Hannibal (2013) | ( Thursday July 2, 2015) |
Season 03 Episode 05|"Contorno"|10:00 pm ET|NBC
For those who want to watch this show on an official website, full episodes are up (for a limited time) on the NBC website for US audiences, and on the CityTV website for Canadian audiences.
@Flicker2013 thanks for that bit of info
@Flicker2013 awesome! thnx! I feel much better now ! :-)
@amberduffer Well most likely Amazon would be best, because they still have two years of Amazon Hannibal exclusivity. READ BELOW:
Hannibal was canceled, but the cult series has all the ingredients for a streaming service resurrection. Combine the dedicated fan base and prestige attention Hannibal has received throughout its three seasons and you have all the elements that would make a streaming service pay attention.

For now, with Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon competing for subscribers, actual viewership numbers tend to matter less than fervency and exclusivity. Plus, Hannibal has an extra advantage: an ongoing streaming deal with Amazon that might just make Hannibal Season 4 a near lock for the Amazon’s streaming service.
Sure, Hannibal Season 3 is the last to air on NBC, but it seems probably we’ll be watching Hannibal Season 4 on schedule.
@Flicker2013 I REALLY hope ur right!! and the show is so well done!!I LOVE it!!
@amberduffer IKR??? Grrrr <stomping wittle blue feet>
Im sure some other network will jump on it fast come on it is 'Mads Mikkelsen'!!!! He is awesome in everything he does. Cheers....
@Flicker2013 I was sooo mad when I read about it being cancelled!!
I'm... 70% certain Netflix will pick up this show. They know that it's the type of show that won't get a massive following on a network like NBC, but if promoted could draw in the massive crowd that love this type of show, and they're usually willing to give shows a chance other networks simply won't. (Which is why those networks are dying, to be frank. Look at AMC, an entire library of masterpieces other networks were stupid and passed on. Good riddance as far as I'm concerned.)
and i`m european aswell,thats why this p*sses me off,esp. given the fact im a huge fan of anything lectorish.
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