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Graceland 2013

Somewhere in Southern California, in a drug raid run by the US government, a beachfront property was seized and turned into a residence for undercover cops. They are all top agents of the...

Russell Lee Fine, Renny Harlin, Sanford Bookstaver, ...
René Lavan, Dameon Clarke, Noel Arthur, ...
Drama, Crime, Action ...

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Solar rating: 8.2


Imdb rating: 7.8

Latest Episode: Faith 7 (s02e13) September 10, 2014

As the arrests of Sid and the Solanos near, even the best laid plans begin to crumble

Season 3

Season 2

September 10, 2014 Episode 13 Faith 7 103 links
September 3, 2014 Episode 12 Echoes 79 links
August 27, 2014 Episode 11 Home 73 links
August 20, 2014 Episode 10 The Head of the Pig 102 links
August 13, 2014 Episode 9 Gratis 54 links
August 6, 2014 Episode 8 The Ends 83 links
July 30, 2014 Episode 7 Los Malos 64 links
July 23, 2014 Episode 6 The Unlucky One 35 links
July 16, 2014 Episode 5 H-A-Double-P-Y 70 links
July 9, 2014 Episode 4 Magic Number 49 links
June 25, 2014 Episode 3 Tinker Bell 51 links
June 18, 2014 Episode 2 Connects 53 links
June 11, 2014 Episode 1 The Line 74 links

Season 1

Unknown Season


Yay! Graceland got renewed :)
Do I alone feel this one is close to burn notice ?

Cool show.
I love this show! What a gem. I hope it gets a 3rd season.
Geez! Season 2 of Graceland is the real deal! Deceptions and betrayals run so deep. I cannot wait for the 3rd season! Hope it will be as good and exciting as this one. Great great show!
@scuba_steve Haha.You are very funny.
episode 4: magic number to be aired on 10th july
@jager652 there was no new episode! next episode airs next week
Really enjoy this show. I was skeptical at first because all these cop shows tend to follow the same recipe but, this one kept my interest. Looking forward to the new season.
Just became attached to this series so kinda concerned that the 2nd season links look wonky. I know we have intrepid linkers on whom we can rely so not totally worried. Must put it out there, however, that there's a neeeeed for links (and numeric order) on season 2 roster. Thanks!!
Yes its back! really liked season 1, highly recommend this show and looking forward to season 2.
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