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Two Swords / Episode 1

Tyrion welcomes a guest to King's Landing. At Castle Black, Jon stands trial. Daenerys is pointed to Meereen, the mother of all slave cities. Arya runs into an old enemy...

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Imdb rating: 8.7

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@limbinpark222000 I knew he looked different, why did they change actors?
No other words to describe this show but pure excellence. Thank the Gods Needle is back!! oh and umm Crow anyone? ~winks~
Now I feel like chicken
Brilliant start to the New Season ..
As good as ever. Couple of boring bits but on the whole great entertainment. Felt longer than normal, were they always 60mins episodes?
Was ok...I am sure it will get better as the season moves along...
Yeah Arya is great, she makes such a cute murderer.

Sansa is so dumb I bet she falls for every one of the ploys in Barney's playbook. Yes, both playbooks. It's a miracle she's still a virgin at this point.
Arya is the best :)
Ahhh the satisfaction of having this back. Did not disappoint either. Fantastic as always. Is the King slayer softening I wonder? The only downer is the wait for the next episode.
wonderful start.... i need more... lol
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