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Friends 1994

Follows the lives of six 20-something friends living in Manhattan...

Gary Halvorson, Kevin Bright, Michael Lembeck, ...
Michael Rapaport, Bruce Willis, Matt Weinberg, ...
Comedy, Romance

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Solar rating: 8.7


Imdb rating: 9

Latest Episode: The Last One: Part 2 (s10e18) May 6, 2004

Rachel is leaving for her job in Paris. Monica and Chandler are packing up the apartment

Season 10

May 6, 2004 Episode 18 The Last One: Part 2 7 links
May 6, 2004 Episode 17 The Last One: Part 1 6 links
May 6, 2004 Episode 17 Friends: The One Before the Last One - Ten Year... 26 links
April 29, 2004 Episode 16 The One with Rachel's Going Away Party 31 links
April 22, 2004 Episode 15 The One Where Estelle Dies 30 links
February 26, 2004 Episode 14 The One with Princess Consuela 32 links
February 19, 2004 Episode 13 The One Where Joey Speaks French 31 links
February 12, 2004 Episode 12 The One with Phoebe's Wedding 33 links
February 5, 2004 Episode 11 The One Where the Stripper Cries 33 links
January 15, 2004 Episode 10 The One Where Chandler Gets Caught 33 links
January 8, 2004 Episode 9 The One with the Birth Mother 32 links
November 20, 2003 Episode 8 The One with the Late Thanksgiving 34 links
November 13, 2003 Episode 7 The One with the Home Study 32 links
November 6, 2003 Episode 6 The One with Ross' Grant 31 links
October 30, 2003 Episode 5 The One Where Rachel's Sister Babysits 32 links
October 23, 2003 Episode 4 The One with the Cake 31 links
October 9, 2003 Episode 3 The One with Ross's Tan 33 links
October 2, 2003 Episode 2 The One Where Ross Is Fine 32 links
September 25, 2003 Episode 1 The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss 20 links

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friends is all about the time spent with friends really talking, sharing, connecting and giving. I wish nothing more than having what those characters had other than theis 2015 bulls**it. The finale was pretty emotional and teary eyed i got, so i recommend it to every person eager for great experiences, lessons and laughter.
This Show is Amazing Haha Amazing Stuff :|
Been over 20 years since the first episode, amazing how time flies
best and the funniest tv series ever.....
Probably the only show that does not bore me, and I can watch it again and again, I love it!
This show is the Bees Knees .. I loved it when it aired to .. 10/10 all the way
@kwadrats sorry I was never a big fan of this one and I'm old enough to have lived through the first airings.....
I don't believe that this show could still be in the top shows here..... WTF it ended years ago and wasn't that great really people...
My top two comedy series. Friends and Scrubs! A friend of mine moved after borrowing all 10 seasons. Well he kinda went to another military base but it was overseas. Never saw him or my series of friends again. Maybe i'll just go and buy all 10 seasons again.
@Str8fe No new show is better than the old shows.
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