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The Snowmen / Episode 6

London, 1892. Snow is trying to evolve, feeding off of the nightmares of a little girl. But the Doctor has given up on saving the world. It is up to a young governess named Clara to convince him, with just one word, to save the day...

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@raginmjolnir - Its just her being incredibly hot that's all. If you watch the first episode she was in she's wearing a regular (no push-up or corset) dress and still has the same body.
Really? I rather liked this one. I thought it was better than last years, for sure. And the new companion has one hell of a rack, though that's probably the dress. One of the best parts of Victorian era television / movies... Every woman had a massive, half-exposed bust XD
I uploaded one and it's not posting either? What in the universe?
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