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Doctor Who 2005

The further adventures of the time traveling alien adventurer and his companions...

Graeme Harper, Euros Lyn, James Strong, ...
Mark Gatiss, John Hurt, Stuart Milligan, ...
Drama, Family, Adventure, ...
UK, Canada

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Solar rating:9.3


Imdb rating:8.8

Latest Episode: Episode #9.3 (s09e03) October 2, 2015, UTC

Season 9

December 24, 2015, UTC Episode 13 Episode #9.13 0 links
December 4, 2015, UTC Episode 12 Episode #9.12 0 links
November 27, 2015, UTC Episode 11 Episode #9.11 0 links
November 20, 2015, UTC Episode 10 Episode #9.10 0 links
November 13, 2015, UTC Episode 9 Episode #9.9 0 links
November 6, 2015, UTC Episode 8 Inversion of the Zygons 0 links
October 30, 2015, UTC Episode 7 Invasion of the Zygons 0 links
October 23, 2015, UTC Episode 6 The Woman Who Lived 0 links
October 16, 2015, UTC Episode 5 The Girl Who Died 0 links
October 9, 2015, UTC Episode 4 Episode #9.4 0 links
October 2, 2015, UTC Episode 3 Episode #9.3 170 links
September 25, 2015, UTC Episode 2 The Witch's Familiar 115 links
September 18, 2015, UTC Episode 1 The Magician's Apprentice 134 links

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@Flicker2013 That has nothing to do with you,so why are you apologizing?
can't wait!
Loved the Doctor's last line.
@mamadragon just click the add new link
Im with you Sunstroker, cant wait for there to be another Dr. Smith and Tennant did emotional very well Capaldi does anger and thats about it and it doesnt seem to fit with the Dr. Also scenes like the guitar on the tank would usually be funny, with Capaldi it just seemed cheesy like Keith Richards trying too hard.
I found a working vidbull link for 9.1 is there any particular trick for sharing it?
9.1 was absolutely the best Moffat episode yet. I am 100% in love with Peter Capaldi (I also love him as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It). This is going to be an epic season--#9, I can feel it!
Apologies Solarians 9x1 was temporarily removed by the bot due to IMDB being down, and many other shows and moves have been removed as well.
Our awesome mods have reported the issue, but nothing can be done I would think until IMDb is back up and running so we wait. Cheers...
well this is of Sept 20th they removed the first episode of season 2 from Solar...I watched it twice last night, but now the listings start with the second next week episode.

As it appears here, most of us agree Capaldi is just not as enjoyable as the last three doctors. There are episode from Smith and Tennant that I watch over and over (I still get dizzy at the Pandorica two parter) and the whole River Song arc is still one of the best. Family of Blood and Blink from Tennant are masterpieces!
But of all the Capaldi episodes, season 2 opener was the best of the lot, but still not GREAT!
David Tenant has been the best Doctor (for me) ever!- His Faces- humor- and a Cutie!! Matt Smith was ok- but I saw him as a "Overgrown Boy" and in reality he was one of the youngest actors to play the part of "Dr Who" - Capaldi has a "tude", an "air" about him that I really don't care for- But being a Dr Who Fan... I still watch the episodes.
Loved the arena scene and the Guitar!! So the Daleks are Back!!! Interesting (love that toilet plunger like arm!- lol) And Jenna is leaving? I Wonder- who will be the Doctor's next companion?

As Usual- I can't wait for the next episode!!!
9/10 (for starters!)
Whe Season 9 first episodes?I do not see
@Sunstroker Indeed, David Tennant will always be my favorite!
@Punchy Matt Smith was awesome, but I will always consider David Tennant to be the greatest Doctor of them all.
@Sunstroker My mom is the same way, she doesn't really like Capaldi as the doctor either.
I think it has a lot to do with this Doctor being very blunt, and having a "Sometimes my life sucks too, and I don't have time to sugar coat things for you" attitude that can come across at times as abrasive and insensitive.
I personally like Capaldi a lot as The Doctor, I think mainly it is that I can relate more to him than the others before him. Matt Smith is still my favorite so far though.
Tell me the name of the boy who isn't going to die today...

Way to open up the new season!
I keep waiting to hear that a new actor will become "The Next Doctor," so I can get back to watching this show. With sincere apologies to those who are fanatical about this show, I just can't get into the current doctor. Maybe I was spoiled by Tennant and Smith...maybe it's just something about Capaldi that grates on my nerves. I don't know, but I miss being able to enjoy watching my favorite Time Lord.
Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock.
Next Episode: 'The Magician's Apprentice'
19 September 2015 (Season 9, Episode 1)
@Suncrest @rivalee @xAce
They always start in the fall/autumn... Half of the season is before xmas special and the other half is after. I think series 9 will be one episode shorter though. One of the show's producers tweeted "September" but then deleted it. The most likely date as of now (June 16th) is that it will air September 5th, which allows for episode 9 (scary plot) to air on Halloween.
They havent released the date yet, just that it will air autumn 2015. Not sure what your comment means rivalee, the christmas special was on christmas if they dont do episodes till the next special that would mean there is no episodes in 2015.
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