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Doctor Who 2005

The further adventures of the time traveling alien adventurer and his companions...

Graeme Harper, Euros Lyn, James Strong, ...
Mark Gatiss, John Hurt, Stuart Milligan, ...
Drama, Family, Adventure, ...
UK, Canada

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Solar rating:9.3


Imdb rating:8.9

Latest Episode: Death in Heaven (s08e12) November 7, 2014, UTC

With Cybermen on the streets of London, old friends unite against old enemies and the Doctor takes to the air in a startling new role. As the Doctor faces his greatest challenge, sacrifices must be made before the day is won

Season 9

Season 8

November 7, 2014, UTC Episode 12 Death in Heaven 116 links
October 31, 2014, UTC Episode 11 Dark Water 115 links
October 24, 2014, UTC Episode 10 In the Forest of the Night 119 links
October 17, 2014, UTC Episode 9 Flatline 121 links
October 10, 2014, UTC Episode 8 Mummy on the Orient Express 132 links
October 3, 2014, UTC Episode 7 Kill the Moon 125 links
September 26, 2014, UTC Episode 6 The Caretaker 126 links
September 19, 2014, UTC Episode 5 Time Heist 97 links
September 12, 2014, UTC Episode 4 Listen 60 links
September 5, 2014, UTC Episode 3 Robot of Sherwood 47 links
August 29, 2014, UTC Episode 2 Into the Dalek 41 links
August 22, 2014, UTC Episode 1 Deep Breath 45 links

Season 7

Season 6

Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Unknown Season


@Suncrest @rivalee @xAce
They always start in the fall/autumn... Half of the season is before xmas special and the other half is after. I think series 9 will be one episode shorter though. One of the show's producers tweeted "September" but then deleted it. The most likely date as of now (June 16th) is that it will air September 5th, which allows for episode 9 (scary plot) to air on Halloween.
They havent released the date yet, just that it will air autumn 2015. Not sure what your comment means rivalee, the christmas special was on christmas if they dont do episodes till the next special that would mean there is no episodes in 2015.
@phobo55 and @rivalee thats a long wait time... thx for the info.
@xAce The new episodes always start after the Xmas special..So no not in the fall. I wish it did. I looked for a date but they haven't released one ye.I'm guessing it will follow the normal course of previous seasons.From what I've gathered it's suppose to be a good season..
@xAce I heard it airs in the Fall
does any1 know when the next episode airs??
10 Years Ago today Doctor Who came back to the UK Rose was broadcast March 26 2005.
@Flicker2013 I found it! Thank you Flicker, been looking for a day! Yay, Christmas Special!
@dopilus Merry Christmas!!
Yay Solarians it is finally here!!!
Christmas Special is located in weird place.[UNKNOWN Season]
Go here:(season-0/episode-16)
Enjoy the Solartainment!
i loving this the best doctor ever! more popcorn PLZ

this is super mega hecta giga guigtamama super mega coooooooooooooooooooool
I am sorry,but can I find here on Solarmovies Doctor Who-Special episodes:50th anniversary special,Christmas special,The Snowman....
Anyone have any Missy theories?
@YoxaBG @Kensi1976 Just give it some time. The show is about change and evolution, which is a beautiful thing. Peter Capaldi is an amazing actor and very respected. I personally love him as the Doctor, but change is difficult for some. I would recommend watching something else he's in like "The Thick of It" or "Torchwood: Children of Earth" or "Fortysomething."
new doctor is not helf good as doctor before...
Capaldi <3
i think this episode wasn't about convincing Clara to accept the new doctor. i think it's about convincing the audience to accept the new doctor
I am really enjoying Capaldi and I was one of those who had a fit when I found out that he was an older guy.
I can't believe how much of this series got leaked. I like to think I'm a reasonable person who would wait... but I don't think I can. Of course, I still watch live and get in the airing headcount.
@Resticon I agree wholeheartedly -- 1000%
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