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A Beautiful Day / Episode 1

It's now 6 months since Captain LaGuerta's death. Dexter is still working as a blood spatter expert but Deb has quit the force and is now working as a private investigator. She's also been...

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What a twist at the end there..
Great episode!
Except this is literally the first thing I've seen here that's been censored. But....putting that aside....

WOW. I don't have words. At least no words that wouldn't give away things. I'll just say...I thought I knew the series and there were no more surprises. I was wrong.
Well, that's because it would inspire children to cuss. Everyone knows that violence doesn't influence anyone.
yep blood and guts OK for 10 year old's but the F, C, P, & S words are a big freaking no no?
.......censored?? Really? Can't hear Deb curse, but can see brain in skull. Wow.
It's a great show it my new summer show also since it's the last season well I thought it was time to start watching. Check up later is the rule I follow he there's always time later thanks to solar.;'] Great episode but wow censorship is strange wow weird sex scenes with blurry boxes and taken out curse words.;'[
Another show that never lets the viewer down!!i have to admit i totally cheated,i was able to watch it early afternoon,i couldnt believe it!!i watched it with everyone when they got here last night and didnt tell them i had already seen it,lol.Then no one believed me at first when i did tell them.Yet another THANK YOU to all of you that work so hard on this site!Amazing!
wow wow wow, Dexter is backkkkkk great beginning to the season. don't trust Volger, this is going to be soooooo good
Great episode good setup for the rest of season i hope
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