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The Devil in the Dark / Episode 4

Having helped fend off the attack the spirit riders now have access to the city. They do set people's nerves on edge however. Nolan meanwhile has a murder to solve after they find the...

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Or, if you prefer, Special Agent Eunice Bloom (Julie Benz) of Boondock Saints 2, and Gaia (Jaime Murray) from the Spartacus series
Not a big fan of anything that the SYFY channel puts out, but I'll have to say I kinda like this so far. Was trying to place Julie Benz (Angela) and Jamie Murray (Stahma Tarr). It finally hit me, Dexter's deceased wife Rita (Benz) and his psycho ex-girl friend Lila (Murray).
My God Spud are you writing books again? A little diarrhea of the fingers?
This is the same as the previous episode.
This is the correct place for the latest Episode right here.
Remember there was a dual episode we didn't allow for here.
Just be sure to always check the IMDB ID & DATE b4 adding links.
EPISODE: (APRIL 29, 2013)
IMDb ID: (2444182)
S1, Ep4|(Apr. 29, 2013)|(The Devil in the Dark)
Next Week: ==> |IMDb ID: (2258126)|(May 6, 2013)
S1, Ep5|May 6, 2013|(A Well Respected Man)
@MsPotato This is the latest Episode. :D
Just PM It would be my pleasure to assist you anytime.
So sorry for the confusion. You know IMDb how it is. Cheers..
Stick with the Skitters.
It' beats this all to heck!
This was the 3rd part to this series, and so far Im disaapopinted.
Enjoy the Show!
IMDb ID: (2444182)
S1, Ep4|Apr. 29, 2013|(The Devil in the Dark)
Next Week: (May 6, 2013)
IMDb ID: (2258126)
S1, Ep5|May 6, 2013|(A Well Respected Man)
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