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Defiance 2013

In the year 2046, it's a new Earth - with new rules. Over thirty years after various alien races arrived on Earth, the landscape is completely altered, terraformed nearly beyond recognition...

Michael Nankin, Allan Kroeker, Andy Wolk, ...
Ben Cotton, Merwin Mondesir, Noah Danby, ...
Drama, Action, Sci-Fi ...

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Solar rating: 8.6


Imdb rating: 7


Season 3

July 31, 2015 Episode 9 Ostinato in White 0 links
July 24, 2015 Episode 8 My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You 219 links
July 17, 2015 Episode 7 The Beauty of Our Weapons 194 links
July 10, 2015 Episode 6 Where the Apples Fell 234 links
July 3, 2015 Episode 5 History Rhymes 233 links
June 26, 2015 Episode 4 Dead Air 206 links
January 1, 2016 Episode 3 The Broken Bough 233 links
June 12, 2015 Episode 2 The Last Unicorns 0 links You have a link?
June 12, 2015 Episode 1 The World We Seize 253 links

Season 2

Season 1


@Flicker2013 That is correct!!! (13 episodes last year) ;-)
Solarians, some of you seem to think Defiance is over, but it has 5 more shows to go. Cheers...
Classification: [Scripted]
Genre: [Action | Drama | Sci-Fi]
Status: [Returning Series]
Network: [Syfy ( USA)
Airs: [Fridays at 08:00 pm]
Runtime: [60 Minutes]
Premiere: April 15, 2013]
Episodes: [13]
3x9 |July 31, 2015|"Ostinato in White"
3x10 |August 7, 2015|"When Twilight Dims the Sky Above"
3x11 |August 14, 2015|"Of a Demon in My View"
3x12 |August 21, 2015|"The Awakening"
3x13 |August 28, 2015|"Upon the March We Fittest Die"
here are the next 5

ep 9 "Ostinato in White"[9] July 31,
ep 10 "When Twilight Dims the Sky Above August 7, 2
ep 11 "Of a Demon in My View"[9] August 14
ep 12 "The Awakening" August 21
ep 13 "Upon the March We Fittest Die August 28, 2015
there are 13 this season the next 5 have not been added yet
Why are there only 8 episodes this season? Is it canceled?

haha, that's what i said 4 episodes in! or was it 3,..
can't remember. But I guess i stuck with it, and it got interesting. can't wait to see the next friday's episode ^^
What is up with only 8 freaking episodes? or are they doing the normal SB after 8 and taking a 4 or 5 months break then returning with the last 4 episodes of the season which they will somehow take 4 months to air. I've about had it with everything to do with television it seems like the only thing on TV nowadays is brain wasting reality junk. Like dance with out of work actors actresses thanks to reality based TV. Talk about stabbing yourself in the back these actors and actresses that do these shows which make the show more popular because face who is going to watch Dancing with Joe and Elan from down the street?
wow, just wow, talk about boring. i'm out.
@TinaBlu @WaterCreeper @VegasChk1104 @sona_ami @RockPositive
Have a happy safe (Holiday) Spaceship weekend!!!!! Cheers...
Defiance (2013) | (Friday July 3, 2015) |
Season 03 Episode 05|"History Rhymes "|8:00 pm ET|Syfy

THANK U! This is is my fav SciFi soap! The only thing I hate about it is the length of the breaks & quantity of shows in a season! U are my fav uploader! I was unregistered for almost 2 years. Because of your ad blocker advice , I downloaded it. My enjoyment has been increased, not only for Solar but for u tube & several other sites as well! Awesome blocker!

TY again!

Have a safe & happy (holiday) weekend everyone!
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