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Pilot: Part 1 / Episode 1

French policeman Louis Daniel now works for the International Criminal Court in The Hague and has put together a team of police officers from across Europe to deal with transnational crimes...

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That was a good solid first show. I like how they give each character a bit of background and mystery so you want to know more about them. International intrigue is usually a good storyline and setting. This show has promise. And bit of surprise and reality in how this one ended as not every story/situation has a perfect outcome.
Awesome Cast!
Crossing Lines: Season 1, Episode 1
TV Episode - Action | Crime | Drama
Pilot |(23 Jun. 2013)
William Fichtner, Donald Sutherland, Marc Lavoine |Richard Flood|Tom Wlaschiha
Crossing Lines|Season 1, (Episode 1 & 2 COMBINED)
Episode Title: (Pilot –Episode 1 & 2)
Air date: 6/23/2013

Episode Summary:
In the series premiere, we find disabled former NYPD detective Carl Hickman has become a recluse - that is until he receives a unique offer from his friend Detective Major Louis Daniel. The Major has a tough case searching for an international serial killer who crosses borders undetected leaving a trail of victims in his path. Carl joins a team of unique specialists working for the International Criminal Court; while trying to juggle his own personal demons and trying to corner the killer before time runs out.
When a member of the ICC team goes missing, it is presumed to be at the hands of the psychotic serial killer. Meanwhile, Tommy follows the trail of the serial killer's earlier victims and Hickman must face his demons in time to find the missing team member. Elsewhere, when Sebastian tracks down the killer the team must race to apprehend him, but a sudden tragedy changes the teams' lives forever.
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