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Granite State / Episode 15

Walt struggles as he adapts to aspects of his new identity. Jesse plans an escape against Jack and his crew...

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Just a masterpiece. No further comment
Oh how will it all end? and in a mere 53 minutes! It's almost too awesome/horrible/amazing/impossible/much/ to think about.
one more to go wow. It's been such a great ride this season I personally don't want it to end. But all great things have a beginning and an even sweeter ending hopefully.
Poor Jessie? Methinks not. None of that mayhem of the past few episodes would have happened had Mr. Pinkman managed to think things through, restrain himself and behave like an adult (rather than a hysterical rat).
I almost don't want to click the PLAY button (knowing I will 'erase' half of the remaining time of this masterpiece).
Thank you linkers. Flicker you always seem to have a great link, thanks :)
Did nothing but came up with the name? He's gone? Oh no he will return and hell is coming with him. Walter White matters he's a somebody, that's been a big factor in his actions to matter and not be insignificant. I hope that dumb cripple falls down some stairs. Poor Jessie.
I think I'm pissing myself. I don't remember taking a single breath this episode. Only one ep. left what will we do?
BTW: Is only (53 minutes) long episode not 75. ijs Cheers...
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