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Ozymandias / Episode 14

Walt goes on the run. Jesse is taken hostage. Skyler believes it's time to tell Flynn the truth...

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I think talking morality about any one the people involved is lost on this group. Straight up, many if not all of us wouldn't pass that bar with flying colors. It's a great show, but the leads been in hell for awhile now. Makes for some serious tv though.
Brilliant! The gloves are off! I am going to miss the show so much :-(
Walt is the best! About time he told Sky to blow off!
Don't forget about The Shield. Is always in my personal top 5 and imo better than The Wire but that's because i love that handycam in that show.
U must watch THE WIRE. Its a must see. awesome show. I think breaking bad might be alil better but both are GEMS!!!
agreed even though I never saw the wire but yeah for this generation there are those are some really great shows!!!!!!!!!!@mayhew
Started a chat in the forum. I thought my other comment was cloaked enough not to be considered a spoiler. Read my forum post and let me know what you think.
I started a thread about the phone call in the forum. So as to post a spoiler here.
I would like to hear some of your views on it. If you disagree with me, go back and watch that part again and it will become clear(to me it was).

Agreed. Last weeks episode redefined the term cliffhanger! How the hell is that gonna play out??!! I almost dont wanna know.

The Guardian newspaper argued The Wire, The Sopranos and Breaking Bad were the Holy Trinity of television. I reckon im gonna have to agree...
That being said yo the last to episodes are gonna be off the chain. This show always bring it with all the surprises wow never know what twist each episode will bring it's always coming from a very unexpected place. This show wow's we every sunday. This is what television should be like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;'] And when this season is over it's time to watch the season's that I missed yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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