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Bitten 2014

When she left Stonehaven - 'for good this time' - Elena Michaels thought she had left the world of supernatural behind. Until the night she got a mysterious call from her pack leader asking...

Paul Fox, Andy Mikita, Brad Turner, ...
Greg Bryk, Mackenzie Gray, Noah Danby, ...
Drama, Horror, Mystery, ...

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Solar rating:8.1


Imdb rating:7.1

Latest Episode: Fine Temporum (s02e10) June 4, 2015, UTC

The Pack and Paige arrive at the Deplhi, but Aleister, Clara and Savannah are one step ahead. While Jeremy and his pack fight spelled guards to get to the catacombs, Aleister is already

Season 2

June 4, 2015, UTC Episode 10 Fine Temporum 167 links
June 4, 2015, UTC Episode 9 Scavenger's Daughter 199 links
March 27, 2015, UTC Episode 8 Dark Arts 194 links
May 21, 2015, UTC Episode 7 Bad Dreams 201 links
May 14, 2015, UTC Episode 6 Nine Circles 152 links
May 7, 2015, UTC Episode 5 Rabbit Hole 162 links
April 30, 2015, UTC Episode 4 Dead Meat 189 links
April 23, 2015, UTC Episode 3 Hell's Teeth 193 links
April 16, 2015, UTC Episode 2 Scare Tactics 181 links
April 16, 2015, UTC Episode 1 Bad Blood 146 links

Season 1


Renewed For Season 3
All caught up.
I think I'm going to wait for all of season 2 episodes to be published then watch them all at once.
Wow. Totally forgot about this.
@usefull Me too...Expecting nail bitter finale!
Bubba.zaneti Options are good, initially when the vampires were introduced I didn't enjoy it but from the second episode on I did. I find each episode this season better then the previous.
Is it just me? or is season 2 kind of lame?? i find my self fast forwarding allot....Zzzz
oh nvm best tv show ever
is this a "jumpy" tv show? or is it just the ugly part?
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