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Beauty and the Beast 2012

A beautiful detective falls in love with an ex-soldier who goes into hiding from the secret government organization that turned him into a mechanically charged beast...

Gary Fleder, Rick Bota, Bradley Walsh, ...
Ted Whittall, Christopher Dyson, Ben Lewis, ...
Drama, Thriller, Crime ...

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Solar rating:9.2


Imdb rating:7.2

Latest Episode: Cat's Out of the Bag (s03e09) August 5, 2015, UTC

Season 4

Season 3

September 2, 2015, UTC Episode 13 Episode #3.13 0 links
August 26, 2015, UTC Episode 12 Sins of the Fathers 0 links
August 19, 2015, UTC Episode 11 Unbreakable 0 links
August 12, 2015, UTC Episode 10 Patient X 0 links
August 5, 2015, UTC Episode 9 Cat's Out of the Bag 141 links
July 29, 2015, UTC Episode 8 Shotgun Wedding 201 links
July 22, 2015, UTC Episode 7 Both Sides Now 218 links
December 31, 2014, UTC Episode 6 Chasing Ghosts 234 links
July 8, 2015, UTC Episode 5 The Most Dangerous Beast 225 links
July 1, 2015, UTC Episode 4 Heart of the Matter 247 links
June 24, 2015, UTC Episode 3 Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat 205 links
June 17, 2015, UTC Episode 2 Primal Fear 167 links
June 10, 2015, UTC Episode 1 The Beast of Wall Street 200 links

Season 2

Season 1


Enter Natasha from the movie "Species" I'm excited to see how this show takes shape over the next few episodes. Totally STOKED!!!! This season will bring in many more new fans.
@Redinvader Thanks for getting it returned. U rock!
@Wisps See I told you guys something weird is happening (June 25th) so all shows are being leaked early yippeee.
@GateTraveler Such an awesome Sunday woop woop bonuses.. Cheers...
Beauty and the Beast (2012) | (Thursday June 25, 2015) |
Season 03 Episode 03|"Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat"|8:00 pm ET| The CW
This show any good???
Sorry for the late reply, I'll get this to admin so they can rectify this issue. Thanks!!
@nymerias It actually airs on Thursdays, but some how for some cool reason these 2 episodes were leaked early.
Here is some Good NEWS though.
On February 13, 2015, the series was renewed for a (fourth season), ahead of the season three premiere.
Episode # |Air Date |Title
3x01 11/Jun/2015 The Beast of Wall Street
3x02 18/Jun/2015 Primal Fear
3x03 25/Jun/2015 Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat
3x04 02/Jul/2015 Heart Of The Matter
3x05 09/Jul/2015 Most Dangerous
3x06 16/Jul/2015 Chasing Ghosts
3x07 23/Jul/2015 Both Sides Now
3x08 30/Jul/2015 Season 3, Episode 8
3x09 06/Aug/2015 Cat's Out of the Bag
3x10 13/Aug/2015 Patient X
3x11 20/Aug/2015 Unbreakable
3x12 27/Aug/2015 Sins of the Fathers
3x13 03/Sep/2015 Destined
Thank you Flicker was going mad knowing it came out on monday and didnt want to have to go to another site to watch episode 2.

diving in now
My Fellow Solarians;
The bot has MOVED this Episode (3x2)to (UNKNOWN Season)
If you wish to view it Look here:
Beauty and the Beast (2012) |(Sunday June 14, 2015)|
Season 03 Episode 02 |"Primal Fear"|8:00 pm ET| The CW
@Flicker2013 Ima says it moved because imdb indexing changed. Since it didn't, have to assume another glitch during scrape. (lol, that word again)
Solarians for some ODD reason??
Now the episode is MOVED to (UNKNOWN) season????
It is listed properly in IMDB?
@RedInvader Do you know why while I slept why
Episode 3x2 is moved to (UNKNOWN) season please thanks.
B/c the IMDB ID is correct??
When I added it was listed under season 3,
and on IMDB it is listed under Season 3?
has out bot gone BONKERS?
moving things? lmk pls tyvm Cheers
@Flicker2013 This show perfectly showing how the BEAUTY can change the Beast.Cat is the Anchor of Vincent.Love the chemistry between these two.The revealation and the ending of s3e2 proves writers heard our call.This season we're going to get More of BEAST stuffs.
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