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Band of Brothers 2001

The story of Easy Company of the US Army 101st Airborne division and their mission in WWII Europe from Operation Overlord through V-J Day...

David Frankel, Mikael Salomon, Tom Hanks, ...
Michael Fassbender, Laird Macintosh, David Andrews, ...
Drama, History, Action, ...
English, French, German,

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Solar rating: 9.8


Imdb rating: 9.6

Latest Episode: Points (s01e10) November 4, 2001

It's May 1945 and Easy Company finds itself the first Allied troops to enter Berchtesgarden, Hitler's Bavarian retreat. They find the village virtually empty with only a few people working

Season 1

November 4, 2001 Episode 10 Points 19 links
October 28, 2001 Episode 9 Why We Fight 17 links
October 21, 2001 Episode 8 The Last Patrol 18 links
October 14, 2001 Episode 7 The Breaking Point 17 links
October 7, 2001 Episode 6 Bastogne 19 links
September 30, 2001 Episode 5 Crossroads 19 links
September 23, 2001 Episode 4 Replacements 16 links
September 16, 2001 Episode 3 Carentan 16 links
September 9, 2001 Episode 2 Day of Days 16 links
September 9, 2001 Episode 1 Currahee 16 links


Turns out Albert Blithe didn't die from his wound. He made it until 1967.
@Cubroncs03 I'm're right. Schwimmer used the word "irregardless". I always get the two mixed up. He didn't say irresponsible. I stand corrected. I should have said "irregardless" which is soooooooooooooo not a word.
@jumpit3 Because I am a bright shining star and I simply MUST shine!
@ReneeRose29 irresponsible is definitely a word...
Love this! 10/10 for sure.
Thank you red spot! My nephew AND a good friend from high school practically ordered me to watch this. Lol thought it was funny that Schwimmer used the word "irresponsible" when it's not really a word. Bad, bad grammar. The series is a bit slow for me though. I liked it but didn't love it. World war 2 was such a bad time and I'm grateful to have been born long long after it ended.
After that WW2 ended. My country got completelly liberated on the 5th of may 1945 (we remember the fallen on the 4th and celebrate our freedom on the 5th .. like independence day to the US). Shortly after that Berlin got overrun by both the Allied forces as well as the Russians. Officially the war with Nazi-Germany ended on the 7th of May.
I.o.w. if the last episode illustrates an event in the war taking place in May 1945 than that would mean start of May just before the war on that front ended.
I take it this series was meant to be just a mini series and not season after season after season right? Because I only see one season here with 10 episodes.
TUEBROOK13...thanks for all the uploads. This is excellent. A/V : 10/10
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