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The Huntress Returns / Episode 17

Helena is back to seek vengeance, but Oliver still has feeling toward her. The Arrow must stop and kill her, but at what costs? Now that several of his closest friends know about his true identity, no one is safe...

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Another good ep.
@Cranberry_Muff LOOOL but yea she sure is a biatch :D
Steve Aoki rocked the place :P
the best serie ive ever seen cant wait for the next episode
I enjoy this show every episode so much they've came along way with it. Having to wait each week to see what next episode brings us makes me cringe my teeth.
Good episode. If it was a long break, I would be complaining right now that it wasn't worth to wait that long but 2 weeks and this episode will do.
Oh hack yes!
Enjoy with popcorn! :)
@Medomix @MyEnemy
Not until the 20th.
@medomix doesnt continue untill next week
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