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Go to Hell / Episode 12

Cordelia's latest vision puts the Coven's future in question. With the end of Fiona's reign approaching, the girls manifest powerful new gifts. Queenie's search for Marie Laveau leads her to Hell and back...

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Imdb rating: 8

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Love this episode. :)
Good episode. Glad to hear there will be a season 4. Wonder who will be the new supreme.
Holy sh!t snacks. Can't wait till next week. But then the real wait begins for season 4.
Well that was 43 minutes and 42 seconds filled with surprises. I reckon there are several more waiting on us during the finale. Same place..same time next week witches..see you then!
one week left! this season went by so dang fast! Cant wait to see who the new supreme is going to be!
I wanna know who's the next supreme cant wait for next week episode
surprisingly bloody episode ... AwESoMe ... hheehe ;)
The season finale promises to be great fun to watch...! And knowing this series, I am sure all of us will be surprised as well! :)
Speechless. Again. This series, tho . . . lovelovelove.
magical ! I love it...
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