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2 Broke Girls 2011

Two young women waitressing at a greasy spoon diner strike up an unlikely friendship in the hopes of launching a successful business - if only they can raise the cash...

Don Scardino, Fred Savage, Ted Wass, ...
Josh Pais, Blake Young-Fountain, Garrett Morris, ...

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Solar rating:8.8


Imdb rating:6.9

Latest Episode: And the Disappointing Unit (s04e22) May 17, 2015, UTC

In the fourth season finale, Max and Caroline are tasked with retrieving Sophie's wedding dress from customs and safely transporting it to the church in time for her big wedding

Season 5

Season 4

May 17, 2015, UTC Episode 22 And the Disappointing Unit 225 links
May 10, 2015, UTC Episode 21 And the Grate Expectations 238 links
May 3, 2015, UTC Episode 20 And the Minor Problem 189 links
April 26, 2015, UTC Episode 19 And the Look of the Irish 135 links
April 19, 2015, UTC Episode 18 And the Taste Test 215 links
April 12, 2015, UTC Episode 17 And the High Hook-Up 226 links
March 29, 2015, UTC Episode 16 And the Zero Tolerance 145 links
March 22, 2015, UTC Episode 15 And the Fat Cat 190 links
March 8, 2015, UTC Episode 14 And the Cupcake Captives 61 links
February 22, 2015, UTC Episode 13 And the Great Unwashed 205 links
February 15, 2015, UTC Episode 12 And the Knock-Off Knockout 148 links
February 8, 2015, UTC Episode 11 And the Crime Ring 107 links
February 1, 2015, UTC Episode 10 And the Move-In Meltdown 180 links
January 18, 2015, UTC Episode 9 And the Past and the Furious 21 links
January 4, 2015, UTC Episode 8 And the Fun Factory 141 links
December 14, 2014, UTC Episode 7 And a Loan for Christmas 79 links
December 7, 2014, UTC Episode 6 And the Model Apartment 93 links
November 23, 2014, UTC Episode 5 And the Brand Job 109 links
November 16, 2014, UTC Episode 4 And the Old Bike Yarn 98 links
November 9, 2014, UTC Episode 3 And the Childhood Not Included 94 links
November 2, 2014, UTC Episode 2 And the DJ Face 106 links
October 26, 2014, UTC Episode 1 And the Reality Problem 105 links

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Season 2

Season 1


@.Stephanie. @kiwivision It was leaked in early March that 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly and Mom are all renewed for another season. I'm excited! CBS, like Fox, has a reputation for cancelling shows out of the blue.
is there season 5?
Love this show ;-) and Sophie Kuchinski, I Love You! lol also Max is in the movie "Suburban Gothic," a funny horror with Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds... check it out! dry humor ;-)
Max is also in the movie "40 Year Old Virgin" Check it out :-)
When ever i watch Thor i always see Max its like Max got off the waitress uniform and became a scientist, that powerful her character on this show is!!!! If you did not saw this show till now where have you been people? See it its amazing!
Great tv show I only discover now (well at least i have all 4 seasons to watch), love the dialogs !
@Oryuken Thanks for the info! Going to watch now....
@oldshuntr There are some links for that episode under the "unknown season". The mods should really fix it. There's an imdb number for it now.
Still no uploads for the 1/19 episode? Do I actually have to go to the CBS site to watch?
This has been one of my favorite comedies since the start. This weeks episode is one of the funniest! Once you understand the characters it just gets better!
han, sophie, and oleg are absolutely fabulous and caroline's and max's chemistry is great :-)
Love it, Caroline is always wearing that pearl necklace.
last episode:
snoozefest. maybe it's not for my demographic. 25, m, usa, great sense of humor :P
This show is absolutely amazing. I love Max. She is an incredible actress. And.. this might be the only show that makes me laugh, yeah.
This show is awesome, the only one that can actually make me laugh... xD
When is Max kissing Caroline?
@axi0matic This is an awesome show. The grade school humor is exhilarating. It's not too serious and it helps release stress after a long day. And yes, Kat Dennings assets and Beth Behrs ass are both Grade A quality. Maybe the assets are clouding your judgement,or maybe you just don't like this kind of comedy.
Terrible, terrible show. Occasionally find myself not skipping the channel to catch a glimpse of Kat Dennings and her magnificent assets. Otherwise, complete grade-school level sexual humor and that's about it.
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