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Feature Request
about 1 year ago by BassToMouth
Add a new feature to the link submission form... just a (S) that denores 'Subbed' or a (D) for 'D...
about 1 hour ago by The_Renegade
Bugtracker (Reports on duplicate or resolved issues will be removed)
over 2 years ago by The_Boss
Regarding voting on only one aspect of a link - if you vote audio, but not video...or video, but ...
8 days ago by ubkma
Missing episodes (for uploaders only)
10 months ago by pirates_utd
go to imdb and add the missing episode(s) that's the only way to fix this problem
3 days ago by stephen19
/ how to post screenshots and gifs /
8 months ago by spotflare
[...] [...] [...] I even am givin' it a try... :|
22 days ago by The_Renegade
No activation letter in my mailbox!
over 2 years ago by The_Boss
I would like manual activation please. My name is GateTraveler, and I am a huge Stargate fan, as ...
about 1 month ago by GateTraveler
Concerning any type of paid registration issues!
over 2 years ago by The_Boss
I would say in addition to what was said about the great "Adblockplus" (which I've used...
2 months ago by James_Dean
What to do if you were muted?
over 2 years ago by The_Boss
mute is 24h. there is nothing to do but wait (unless you are absolutely sure there is a bug, in w...
3 months ago by pirates_utd
about 1 year ago by darthintrepid
The 'report link' feature is a great tool that empowers the users to help keep the site running c...
about 1 year ago by darthintrepid
3 months ago by c-beams
Frequently Asked Questions. Q: What are SolarMovie's rules? A: Please see the following link. [h...
3 months ago by c-beams
about 1 year ago by darthintrepid
Here is a complete guide to the SolarMovie voting system. I titled it simply 'VOTING GUIDE' to ma...
about 1 year ago by darthintrepid
How to watch Movies/Shows on Solar
about 1 year ago by BassToMouth
[...] Vidbull. Vodlocker(when it's loading, "Resource Unavailable" ...
10 months ago by Kiki1977
24 Hour Mute for posting links
over 3 years ago by The_Boss
They don't call u the boss for nothing eh? :|
about 1 year ago by comixdvd
Down voted
about 6 hours ago by fsanders1968
@SaraSmiles I down vote everyone, irregardless of there point. :|
30 minutes ago by Sunstroker
Adobe Flash Player Error - Crossdomain loading denied
1 day ago by Specter27
@pirates_utd Here is the page I just tried it on, and it happened again. It is doing it on all...
about 3 hours ago by Specter27
Adding films
2 days ago by Horrortime
@DDazee What are you talking about? I've NEVER posted someone else's links to ANY website.. Every...
about 5 hours ago by BrickTop
Why will no links play for me anymore!?
3 days ago by MissMaddy
@superp32 grammar nazi ?
1 day ago by Flicker2013
1 day ago by gspot08
@gspot08 When you request something.Post imdb link plz.Mke it easier for linkers.Easy way is to g...
1 day ago by SgtDoss
wtf error
about 1 month ago by fiendishfanatic
[...] if u read it been using it for 2 week lool and why not if these who cant find it or cant...
about 1 month ago by fiendishfanatic
link to slow to watch
7 days ago by aubeguillaume
@MontyFly = BUMP... IY just wish 'latest additions' were being processed today
6 days ago by The_Renegade
the ghost galleon (horror of the zombies)(1974).
7 days ago by dustygraves
hey yes i did! first at the report link button and then here. its been awhile since i had all of ...
6 days ago by dustygraves
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