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zombies and comedy, nice movie
i think this is the best zombie movie
Great zombie movie. 8/10 And i don't like the texture of coconut either. weird
The great thing about this movie is that is a badass zombiemovie, but the didn't overdo it. The trew in a some comdey to light things up, and that works. Defefinetly worth the watch
Best zom nom movie ever!!!!!
Loved it! Gonna watch the 2013 version now .
Avoided this movie for a long time. Not because I don't like zombies, I love The Walking Dead, just because I thought it was gonna be stupid. But I heard great things about it, so I finally decided to sit & watch it, largely in part to Emma Stone being in it. I'm glad I did. It was hilarious
It was very good. 8/10
really enjoyed this film 8/10
I avoided watching this movie for some time, as zombie flicks don't interest me - but this is definitely worth watching. Great dialog and humor!
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