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The great thing about this movie is that is a badass zombiemovie, but the didn't overdo it. The trew in a some comdey to light things up, and that works. Defefinetly worth the watch
Best zom nom movie ever!!!!!
Loved it! Gonna watch the 2013 version now .
Avoided this movie for a long time. Not because I don't like zombies, I love The Walking Dead, just because I thought it was gonna be stupid. But I heard great things about it, so I finally decided to sit & watch it, largely in part to Emma Stone being in it. I'm glad I did. It was hilarious
It was very good. 8/10
really enjoyed this film 8/10
I avoided watching this movie for some time, as zombie flicks don't interest me - but this is definitely worth watching. Great dialog and humor!

Anonymous, 7 months ago 0 I love this movie, (but I can watch any zombie movie) Perfect cast for this film Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson make a great on screen duo. Not as much zombie action as I'd like, but still great.

Just saw this at the advanced screening. Im not a fan of the horror genre. I'm not a fan of Little Miss Sunshine either but she does fine. However, I thoroughly enjoyed watching hundreds of zombies being massacred with originality and style. The movie was pretty funny. Woody Harrelson was great. The main character is obviously a Michael Cera clone and that's a little annoying but he does a great job nonetheless. Emma Stone and Bill Murray were great too. This is not a particularly scary film, its fun and funny. Best depictions of Zombies attacking people and zombies being killed that I've ever seen. Good Music too. I could probably say see it if you liked Shaun of the Dead. Oh, also if you like Cadillac, Hostess, FedEx and Mountain Dew: Code Red.
Absolutely hilarious. Woody Harrelson makes this movie with his great lines and great acting. Bill Murray makes the cameo of the decade, he had me and my friends dieing. DON'T CROSS THE STREAMS!