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Zero Dark Thirty 2012

A chronicle of the decade-long hunt for al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden after the September 2001 attacks, and his death at the hands of the Navy S.E.A.L. Team 6 in May 2011...

Release Date:
January 11, 2013
157 min
Kathryn Bigelow ...
Jason Clarke, Jennifer Ehle, Harold Perrineau, Joel Edgerton, Stephen Dillane, John Schwab, Simon Abkarian, Daniel Lapaine, Nathan Nolan, Benjamin John Parrillo, Mike Colter, Mark Strong, Nabil Koni, Barrie Rice, J.J. Kandel, Scott Adkins, Nash Edgerton, Anthony Edridge, Frank Grillo, Christopher Stanley, Udayan Baijal, Reda Kateb, Édgar Ramírez, Alan D. Purwin, Kyle Chandler, Martin Delaney, Nabil Elouahabi, Chris Pratt, James Gandolfini, Christian Contreras, Michael C. Pierce, Fares Fares, Mark Duplass, Darshan Aulakh, Homayoun Ershadi, Sean Mahon, Fredric Lehne, Brett Praed, Julian Lewis Jones, Barack Obama, Jessica Collins, John Barrowman, Jessica Chastain, Jeremy Strong, Mark Valley, Alan Pietruszewski, Callan Mulvey, Henry Garrett, David Menkin, Jeffrey Feingold, Aymen Hamdouchi, Ricky Sekhon, Tommy Dallace, Alexander Karim, Aron Eastwood, Taylor Kinney, Jeff Mash, Mitchell Hall, Omid Zader, John Antonini, Damien Moreno, Yoav Levi, Greg Bennett, Lauren Shaw, Nick Donald, Senem Temiz, Wahab Sheikh, Derek Siow, Parker Sawyers, Jasper Salon, Grant Chism, James Garson Chick, Alex Corbet Burcher, James Lowe, Malika Sayd, M.D. Selig, Navdeep Singh, Jo Hart, Spencer Coursen, Paul Tharp, Noureddine Haijjoujou, Kevin LaRosa Jr., Heemi Browstow, Hadeel Shqair, Tushaar Mehra, Tim Martin, Chris Scarf, Zachary Becker, Eyad Zoubi, Monia Moula, Robert Young, Chris Perry, Ashraf Telfah, Musa Sattari, Nour Alkawaja, Zalfa Seurat, Robert G. Eastman, Jonathan Olley, Manraaj Singh, Sukhdeep Singh, Siosa Fonua ...
Drama, History, Thriller, Action ...

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Imdb rating: 7.4

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Not a terrible film but a big big step backwards from hurtlocker and what is more concerning is that is completely voided of vision and what personally makes it frightening is that resembles a tool, smells like a tool and tastes like propaganda tool, would you say it's a tool? 5 out of 10, cause despite being a tool Bigelow made hurt locker which is... so much other matter =)
very good movie
I was fortunate to have watched this here at Solar about a week before it was released to the theaters here in the US and I was even able to watch it in full 1080p :p The link was removed by the next day.
I felt it was a very good movie and a story that needed to be told. As a vet I am strongly against torture under any circumstance. Once we stoop to that level of barbarism it legitimizes it and puts our soldiers at further risk.
verry good movie
Not bad.. I feel asleep toward the middle & finished it in the morning.. As a vet I'll say noone cares if terrorist are tortured tbh.. I'd like to believe the story but you never know with the govt.. I'd like to see the pictures myself.. 7/10.. good dialogue interesting Characters, good historical following.. Probly should have ending with videos of the partying that took place in the streets after the announcement to leave off with a good feel. Ehh.. hollywood..
Got watch.....
Great movie 9.5/10 no complaints about anything !
It's a quality movie and Jessica Chastain is a genuine talent. It would have been dishonest for Bigelow to make a movie about the hunt for Bin Laden without showing some of the methods used to get information. Surprise ending though! ;-)
I also didn't get the 'glamorizing torture' criticism either. I mean, it is part of the story and was not gratuitous at all. In fact, I think it important to show that the world these characters (and their real life counterparts) is not a rose colored one.
The only issue I had was due to the time span of the story, it was tough to keep it cohesive. However, I think Bigelow did a great job at managing the parts of it so while, it was over a decade as a story, one was able to follow it through.
I also liked that it was a sober view of the whole thing as opposed to some rah-rah-siss-boom-bah-Go-Team pep rally movie. The story was told in the way it needed to be told without any Tom-Cruise-You-Can-Be-My-Wingman final scene.
not to bad really 8/10
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