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Hilarious!! 18+ though (keep the kids away). Good entertainment, worth the watch. 8/10
@LordInfamous omg thank you very much man
this was really funny had a good cast as well !!
thadeous is so hilarious...hahaha very funny.
@slumsofsouthmo. The nowvideo sx up there works fine
Can someone put a new link on a website like video spot, now sx, firedrive, or freshvideo please cuz I dont have a computer and I really wanna watch this on mobile
@Darthintrepid agreed!!!!
This movie is Great!!!! absolutely hilarious!!!!
It was okay. I've seen better juvenile humor portrayed on screen. If you want something to play in the background while you do busy work, it's pretty good. They make fun of this film in "This is The End" for how bad it is. Hahaha.
Despite the IMDB-rating, I very much enjoyed this movie.
And who minds seeing some barely dressed ladies on screen? :D