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Yes Man 2008

A guy challenges himself to say "yes" to everything for an entire year...

Release Date:
December 19, 2008
104 min
Peyton Reed ...
Spencer Garrett, Monica Sly, Tj Austin, Jason Castle, Don Abernathy, Sean O'Bryan, Teri Eiko Koide, Vivian Bang, Peter Spellos, Heidi Herschbach, Jim Carrey, Brent Briscoe, Michael Papajohn, Kerry Hoyt, Maile Flanagan, Arne Starr, Heather Black, Nancy Guerriero, Kitty Kreidler, E.J. Callahan, David Pearl, Matt Miller, Guy Chapman, Lori Soleil, Zooey Deschanel, David Hill, Mike Gomez, Britt Hysen, Al Whiting, Jeremy Meyer, Molly Sims, Fionnula Flanagan, Benjamin Hughes, Richard Schimmelpfenneg, Luis Guzmán, Will C., Danny Masterson, Rio Ahn, Jenn Gotzon, Terence Stamp, Jackie Harris, J.R. Nutt, Michael Q. Schmidt, Lisa Long, Bradley Cooper, Mike Lynn, John Cothran, David Scott, Rhys Darby, Franklin Ruehl, Sally Stevens, Guy Maeda, Alan Gray, Sasha Alexander, Mark Casimir Dyniewicz, Derek Rountree, Stephanie Hodge, Andrew Shaver, Carrie Reichenbach, Pride Grinn, Rocky Carroll, Kai Lennox, Mary-Pat Green, Jamie Denbo, John Michael Higgins, Dave Johnson, Roni Meron, Ric Govea, Jarrad Paul, Dave Vij, Julie Mabry, Matthew Earnest, Albert Miranda, Phillip Sanchez, Aaron Takahashi, Loretta Shenosky, Kenny Searle, Anna Khaja, Cecelia Antoinette, Patrick Labyorteaux, Shelby Zemanek, Alfred De Contreras, Peter Giles, Rebecca Corry, Whit Anderson, Graham Shiels, Brandon Walter, Emily Chen, Ashley Martinez, John H. Song, Lauren Kim, Kelly Harris, Becky Kupersmith, Jillian Iva Meador, Jon Baggio, William Will Simm, Trent Minx, Eric Bradley, John Pagano, Kat Sawyer-Young, Lance Wesley, Katsy Chappell, Poetri, Ben Decker, Michelle Elyse, Derek Baker, Michael Patrick Breen, Tammy Colbert, Stephanie Edmonds, David Fernandez Jr., Christopher Haskell, Commodore James, Elizabeth M. Kelly, Jason Roehm, Deborah Capstone, Eva Tingley, Danny Wallace, Holly Westen, Marco Infante, Maria Zambrana, Eder López, Rae Sunshine Lee, Waymond Lee, Robert McMurrer, Robert Ian Evans, Farouk Chakwa, Maynor Lopez, Gregg Lee, Christina Elizabeth Smith, John Hanlin, Liz Racster, Sally Spaide, Vincen Arch, Lucy Pearce, Slim Khezri, David Scott, Stephanie Hodge ...
Comedy, Romance ...
USA, Australia

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Solar rating: 8.4


Imdb rating: 6.9

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A much better romance than comedy, as the chemistry between Carrey and Deschanel make Carl and Allison look like they're really cut out for each other.....
Funny movie that's not stupidly over the top. I enjoyed it.
really funny movie.
is this movie funny as hell... YES MAN
Loved this movie!
Freakin' hilarious! Especially if you love Jim Carrey. Perfect balance between humor and meaning. I laughed the entire way through and felt enlightened afterward. Rhys Darby kills it-he is hilarious. A MUST SEE.
This is Jim Carrey at his best. I was laughing 90% of the time, and the other 10% was just enough time to recover for the next round of laughs. Even if you aren't a Jim Carrey fan, this movie will change your mind!
worthy of a evening show.
saw this in a sneak preview last tuesday. was pleasantly surprised. really enjoyed it, Jim C wasn't all over the map like he sometimes is and Zoe D was very watchable.
I loved this movie. I'm glad Jim is back, I missed him. Go and see yes man!
Gimme a f'n break!!!!! After a few minutes you get sick of the over the top exagerated nonsense...high school students could have done better with a digital camera and adlibbed acting with no script....boring...
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