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Wrong Turn 2003

Six people find themselves trapped in the woods of West Virginia, hunted down by "cannibalistic mountain men grossly disfigured through generations of in-breeding...

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I just saw this one today. I was actually wondering if I should watch the other movies.

I can't really say this movie belongs to other group of bad horror movies, but I'm very sorry that it wasn't made with better casting crew and with more original aproach. Instead of that they've made a film with classical killing step by step, that's too much predictible, and with borring end! A story,on the other hand is original but again badly presented.
Anyhow... Today is Friday... i have coursework to do... only mainly 10+ drawings, another 20 fabric sambles... maybe one or to samples for my next coursework... emmm and some research for it. Ive also got to finish making this damn corset and i cant make it interesting enough, and the sewing machine is being a bitch. I feel dead full and i dont know why, all ive eaten is soup n a kitkat. I went shopping today, as for some reason i had a mystery
I really enjoyed this movie despite being able to predict in the first act where the movie was going. It felt like a mix between The Hills Have Eyes and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I was pretty tense throughout and there were many genuine scares. This ranks up there with the afore mentioned. This was a good find. Oh yea... the acting was not too bad... little better than typical horror schlock.
Wrong Turn
I have just seen one of the worst films I have seen in my life, it
Wolf Creek:
I absolutely loved Wolf Creek. It was one of the most realistic and suspenseful horror movies I have ever seen. The acting was down-to-earth and realistic and the "homemade video" effect gave the movie a very unique style showing horror through a different lens. Although this film had somesegments that were rather cliche, such as the bulletin board filled with newspaper clipping of past victims, and the escapee trying to flag someone down on the highway, the movie was remarkably original and refreshing. Some may argue that the movie had no real clincher and took too long to get-going, I feel that theses attributes just kept the tension rising for the viewer did not know where or when something was going to happen. And unlike many slow moviing films this one really paid off at the end innflincing some of the most unbearable suspense imaginable. The ending waws also very realisitic and original. I would be very pleased if a sequal were to materialize.

Wrong Turn:
When I put this movie into tmy DVD player I did not expect too much. A group of ill-fated teens stranded in the woods under the constnat prowl crazy disfigured backwoodsmen...yatta yatta yatta. But this film actually proved to be a very effective modern slasher movie without entering into the realm of the cheesy bloodbaths such as Cabin Fever or The Hills Have Eyes. I actually disliked the movie before I liked it. As the movie progressed I became more and more intrigued and had a fun time predicting who when die and when. Definently a horror classic and great crowd pleasure when Halloween rolls around.
I realized something yesterday. Every time I stay at home for Saturday night, there's nothing to see on TV, no good films whatsoever. Of course, when I go out, there's always something worth seeing. So yesterday, I ended up seeing Wrong Turn.

What a stupid film this is. Seriously, it continues the trend of poor contemporary Hollywood horror genre. It's actually one of those god awful films where you ask yourself why are you watching this piece of trash in the first place. But you end up seeing it till the end, because as in my case, there was nothing else worth watching and you're too stupid not to go to bed instead.

And I don't have to mention that the hot babe and the hot hunk survive, do I? Not only that, they fall in love and live happily ever after. -Awww-. Of course that is if they hadn't made another wrong turn and crashed with some other monsters, who lived in, say, Wyoming?

I think I'm just never going to stay home for a Saturday night again, at least not in the up-comming month.
Best in Show: Jeremy Sisto
One for the future: Jeremy Sisto
Stand-out scene: Watchtower
Brainer or no-brainer: No brainer
Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: One
DVD commentary any good?: n/a

Having seen Dog Soldiers and The Descent i've come to expect a little more from slasher movies and this gory offering is disappointingly average. Dependent upon that old characters-being-picked-off-one-by-one cliche, the whole purpose of this movie appears to revolve around how ensuring that each murder is more graphic/grisly than the last one, with little thought going into character development that would allow the viewer to have an emotional investment in their welfare. As this is a slasher movie though, I suppose that the killing off of each character in the goriest way possible is the whole point but as Neil Marshall has ably demonstrated in the two films mentioned at the beginning of this piece, quality film-making and the slasher genre need not be mutally exclusive. At the beginning of the movie, Dr Chris Flynn (Desmond Harrington from The Hole) is stuck in a freeway traffic queue in West Virginia. Anxious to keep making progress in order to meet a prior engagement he turns onto a backroad that would take him through a more scenic route through the woods. It soon transpires that he has taken a wrong turn and has landed himself into a Deliverance style hell where cannibalistic in-breds lay barbed-wire traps for unsuspecting off-roaders to come a cropper prior to dismemberment. He crashes into the vehicle of five campers (two couples and one recent singleton) who have previously suffered a bardbed-wire induced RTA and the six band together to search for help. Of course, none of them are carrying a cell phone so it's going to be none to easy for them to find help, a situation that goes from bad to worse when they encounted a trio of blood-thirsty, ruthless in-breds. Of course, when it gets down to the last two survivors their previous modus operandi of making immediate kills changes to taking a hostage, allowing for the oh so predictable denouement. A popcorn movie (if you can stomach eating during gory scenes) and nothing more.
The ultimate Hill Billy horror film!

I give this movie a 8.0 out of 10.0. I had a lot of fun with this horror flick, and I can't tell you how happy the tree chasing scene made me. It's the kind of stuff you dream of as a kid, and it made complete sense with the situation and environment and it was refreshing to see a screenwriter using their brain in such a film. Unlike most other horror movies like Cabin Fever, or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre it never once bogs down or becomes ridiculous. The hillbilly monsters aren't vividly shown keeping up an overall sense of mystery and terror.
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