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Would You Rather 2012

Desperate to help her ailing brother, a young woman unknowingly agrees to compete in a deadly game of "Would You Rather," hosted by a sadistic aristocrat...

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This film was awesome! Love these psychological thrillers so much. Great, great movie, Plus Sasha Grey is in it :D
I really liked this movie. Definitely entertaining, wondering what's next. Makes you wonder what would you do in that situation. 8/10 Great flick!
OMG ENVER GJOKAJ IS IN THIS MOVIE! I wish he would be in more movies/TV instead of inventing useful things like a genius. I was amazed by his acting in the TV show "Dollhouse," and he did great in this movie. I really enjoyed this movie, because it wasn't the horror that you're used to seeing. I hope they make a sequel! 10/10!
Ya, not impressed. Was recommended to me as being a great movie. Was not a great movie. 3/10
oh my gosh..riveting movie..left me a bit dazed for a moment...wealthy and bored makes dangerous companions for sure
I thought it was pretty good. Yes, predictable but still was a good watch. I'm easy to please when it comes to horror/thriller movies anyway.
yanno, that jeffery combs, plays extremely well characters that are sick, twisted, deranged, perverted, warped, disturbed and detested ... hehehe ;) gotta love him for that ;P
Would You Rather is a 2012 American psychological horror film based on the party game 'Would You Rather'. The film was directed by David Guy Levy. It stars Brittany Snow and Logan Miller as Iris and Raleigh, an orphaned brother and sister in financial difficulty and Jeffrey Combs as Shepard Lambrick, a wealthy man who runs a charitable foundation. The film's shooting began in July 2011.
ok - it's campy. I like campy. Bruce Campbell is my hero. This tries for that guilty good feeling from watching good cheese, but doesn't really get there. Could've been so much more fun and imaginative with the theme and the players. Sasha Grey?? .. should've swallowed all the water.
As it was.... eh. Even screwed up an ending that could've gone at least 8 -10 different (and better) ways. Not entirely unwatchable, just make sure you have something else to do at the same time, so it won't feel like a waste
Would you rather,,,have watched this movie? or eaten worms on dry toast? Dry toast please.
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