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World War Z 2013

United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself...

Release Date:
June 21, 2013
116 min
Marc Forster
Féodor Atkine, Brad Pitt, Konstantin Khabenskiy, ...
Drama, Horror, Thriller, ...
USA, Malta

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Imdb rating: 7

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Brought to you by the ADL and Israel lobby. seriously though its a siht movie, even for a Zionist propaganda piece.
I hope the second part explains how the outbreak started but this movie was pretty good loved it.
It was brave to venture another spooning of zombies but they did a decent job of examining the situation from an administrative perspective and the infected were a bit more credible than most films.

Thought they gave away too much early on but still a good watch.
If was living dead... ummmm... I think that even so I'll give this krap 2.1
I'm sorry, but this was aweful compared to the book or anything I imagined it to be. It might not be the worst film, but this could have been so much better.
@zhadowfog - different classes of zombies

This- 8.5/10. Left me satisfied and silently excited awaiting the next installments ;)
great movie
Good movie and very fitting soundtracks.
Good zombie movie, but it certainly is not world war Z. Probably cause hollywood loves a hero and in the book there was no main hero, all of man kind was the hero.
I enjoyed this - but i think i'd have sooner seen the version before the expensive re-shoots (apparently the original ending/plot (which was closer to the Max Brooks books from which the film was adapted) was too 'dark' and pessimistic for a Brad Pitt film). Hopefully, one day they'll release a director's cut with the hour or so of footage they sliced -out returned.
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