Just two words i can say about this movie. = Denise Richards
DO continuing watching into the credits - even more will be revealed of what happened behind closed doors/off camera during the story.
haha good one. Great cast with nice twists and good storyline. One-time watch type of movie. 6/10
What I love about this movie is that reveals more and more of the story as the perspective changes. Very clever and amusing.
Best in Show: Matt Dillon
One for the future: Neve Campbell
Stand-out scene: Dillon's come-uppance
Brainer or no-brainer: No brainer
Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: One
DVD commentary any good?: n/a

Director John McNaughton also made Mad Dog and Glory and Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, but this is a much different kettle of fish. Deliberately trashy, soft-porny soapy and quasi Film Noir (but the Coen brothers and John Dahl do the comedy Noir thing so, so much better) this is a kind of big screen Beverley Hills, 90210 crossed with Baywatch with the cast making up the script as they go along. To say this is twisty turny is understating matters somewhat; but unfortunately they're not clever-clever twists, they're of the dumb-dumb variety and the screenwriter knows it (I hope). As he's done nowt since (a good six years have passed since this was released, let alone written) I take it a lot of people missed the joke. All the lead characters are cast against type (aside from Denise Richards) so we have a (seemingly) by the book lawman in Dillon, a teacher (Dillon), a rich slag (Richards) and a swamp trash bad girl (Neve Campbell, whose no full frontal nudity clause in her contract makes the threesome scene more awkward than it should have been). Some thought has been applied to there being something for the ladies too, with a graphic full-frontal from Kevin Bacon (who also executive produced this). On a more sombre note, the actress Carrie Snodgress who played Suzie's mum died in April 2004 of heart and liver failure aged 58.
Comments pending.
I really hope Kevin Bacon drops dead soon....(He Produced this crap)

This movie started off really well and i was expecting lots from it, but the final 40 minutes of the movie (the total time is 1hr 40m) really sucks big time.

The good guys turn bad, the bad guys turn badder, the baddest guy turn worse! By the time the movie ends, half the people in BlueBay (where this takes place) are dead.

SPOILER TEXT BELOW: Move your mouse to highlight the text

And yeah, the old man has to finally tell the audience "This is my daughter's boat. She has an IQ of 200+ and can do anything she wants". Why don't the directors come over and tell us the entire story itself instead?

Neve Campbell and Kevin Bacon do manage to salvage something of this sticky mess.

Only recommended if you have nothing else to do...

MY Rating : 2.5/10 :rotten: (slightly higher for Kevin Bacon's acting)
Saw two movies today, making up for not having seen a new one yesterday.

:fresh: The Philadelphia Story (1940)
Written by Donald Ogden Stewart and Waldo Salt (uncredited), based on the play by Philip Barry
Directed by George Cukor

This is a stupid, lurid pulp sex thriller that likes to think it's fun and smart, but there's a really horrible mismanagement of the material going on here.

The plot is so convoluted that I'll be very brief in explaining it. Suzie Marie Toller (Neve Campbell) and Kelly Lanier Van Ryan (Denise Richards) accuse their guidance counselor, Sam Lombardo (Matt Dillon) of raping them. But there's more going on. A whole hell of a lot more, including Sgt. Ray Duquette (Kevin Bacon). If there were an entire encyclopedia made from this movie, I'd be doubtful if it could hold all of the film's twists and contrivancies.

In essence, Wild Things is like a trashy B-grade '50s drive-in movie updated to the Hustler standards of today that tilts itself on its head to become a neo-noir outfitted with severe paranoia, conspiracy, and seriocomic tragedy. But hardly any of it works. It's too serious to be fun, and too leaden to actually work.

Bill Murray, in his small role as defense attorney Kenneth Bowden, is the only shining beacon of light besides a fun, exciting score from George S. Clinton. Kevin Bacon's full frontal is scarring.

It's funny that I should type that in my entry on Thursday...

All night Thursday I was up every 10 or 15 minutes with the sudden urge to take a piss. ALL NIGHT. And nothing, or very little, would come. It was frustrating. I finally fell asleep around 4:30, woke up around 7, called in sick from work, then went to the ER around 2 p.m. Of course, the doctor on duty was a woman, and considering the problems, she asked some frank questions, which led to one smart ass response by me:

"Are you sexually active?"

"Well, I don't think active is the best way to describe it."

After determining that it was neither an STD, bladder infection, or diabetes... she had to check my prostate. That's right. I got a fucking rectal exam. She slapped those gloves on, lubed her finger, and probed away.

It wasn't terrible. But it sure as shit wasn't enjoyable.

After determining that my prostate was healthy, they did an ultrasound, and more extensive bloodwork. Nothing. She chalked it up to bladder spasms, maybe caused by stress (but I don't find myself THAT stressed), and wrote me up a prescription.

The drugs work. Sort of. I was good the rest of the weekend, until I decided to drink a beer while watching Family Guy last night. Yeah, that opened the floodgates.

You know... it's shit like this that I hate. I hate being sick, or having any sort of medical problem. I think it shows weakness, and I can't be weak. Especially something as pussy a condition as "Ooh, I have to pee really bad." Yeah, that's probably a stupid way to think, but that's who I am.

Bought Wild Things and Say Anything... at a pawn shop this weekend. Thank God for pawn shops. Cool movies and super cheap prices. Anyway... two very different movies, so let's discuss them like they were women. Say Anything... is the girl next door. The one you bring home to the folks. The one you fall asleep to on the phone late at night because you don't want to hang up (admit it guys, you've done it). Maybe the movie ends too patly, but we're rooting too much for Lloyd and Diane that any other ending wouldn't fit. Wild Things is the slutty little skank we've all run into in our lives. You knew better. You knew there was no future. You knew it couldn't possibly end well for you considering her past. But she was cute enough. You were desperate enough. It didn't last too long between you two, and was nothing more than sex, but it sure was fun while it lasted. And how could I forget about Bill Murray as the sleazy ambulance chaser???

I bought Season 2 of 24. I'm about half-way through. Forgot about some of the other bad-ass Bauer moments, such as him taking the shotgun to the dog and shooting one dude in the chest with a flare gun. And how did Xander Berkley get overlooked come awards time for this performance? A crime, I say.

Anyway, I gotta go pee.
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