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We Are Marshall 2006

When a plane crash claims the lives of members of the Marshall University football team and some of its fans, the team's new coach and his surviving players try to keep the football program alive...

Release Date:
December 22, 2006
131 min
McG ...
January Jones, Huntley Ritter, Kate Mara, Robert Patrick, Arlen Escarpeta, Mark Oliver, Andrew DiPalma, David Strathairn, Matthew McConaughey, Mike Pniewski, Elizabeth Omilami, Nathan Standridge, Frances Cobb, Barry Hopkins, Rodney L. James, Brian Spencer, Rhoda Griffis, Jerry L. Wallace, Jody Thompson, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty, L. Warren Young, Katie Kneeland, Joey Nappo, Grace Baine, John Bailey, Daisy Jade, June Letourneau, Shawn Reynolds, Anthony Singleton, Steve Warren, Brett Rice, David Ramsey, Nikky D. Williams, Kent Igleheart, David Dwyer, Don Young, Matthew Fox, Shawn Knowles, Dustin Brown, Steven Stadler, David Feigenbaum, Ian McShane, Steven Barr, Mark Patton, Scottie Knollin, Shaun Lynch, Jeremy Ambler, Dolan Wilson, Bill Crabb, Amanda Best, Wilbur Fitzgerald, Tommy Cresswell, Alex Van, Ron Clinton Smith, Jeff Joslin, Hunter Aldridge, Jeff Portell, Brian Beegle, Matthew Browning, Blake Hester, Timothy F. Crowley, Chrissy Chambers, Wes Brown, Nina Jones, Heather Blair, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Kaine Bennett Charleston, Neill Calabro, Rick Roberts, Chad Hundley, Laura-Shay Griffin, Christian Kanupke, Kevin Atkins, Dalton Polston, Andrew Wilson Williams, Ellie Zellers, Cafabian Heard, Scott Hilley, J. Jacob Adelman, Billy Woods, Sharalene Kile, Philip Ivey, Billy Bennett, Patrick Parker, Michael DiFiore, Maurice Bryant, Taber Lathrop, Jake Cooper, William Gorman, Anaiah Petty, Alyssa Caputo, Keith Morehouse, Mike Ribaudo, Bobby Jordan, Dock Pollard, Bert Beatson, Bobby Jon Drinkard, Ryan Sloth, Brent Garber, Beau Turpin, Haji Abdullah, Harold Blizzard, Randall Blizzard, Bill DaSilva, Red Dawson, Buddy Dolan, Laurie Garner, Shaun Gilmer, Ashlie Jump, Leigh Kunis, Jack Lengyel, Elvis McComas, Clint McElroy, Gina Prince Ramsey, Deanna Ross, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, Ashley Stinnett, Raymond Wood, Matthew Zuk, Jaye Tyroff, Anthony B. Harris, Bryan Basil, Alison Golden, Rick Roberts, Garrett Able, Nick Edelstein, Mark Patton, Tim Crowley ...
Drama, Sport ...

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Sports films are largely formulaic. There's always an underdog, with insurmountable obstacles, which, by the final reel, are overcome to victory and glory. The football movies come out in fall, the basketball movies come out at the end of winter, the baseball movies come out in summer, and the hockey movies come out once in a blue moon. Regardless of the sport, the story is the same and largely predictable. So the question ensues, how to give your movie a twist, an edge heretofore unexplored. For gimmicky director McG, you take the sports theme and wrap it around a tragedy.

More than three decades ago, a plane crash claimed the lives of the Marshall University football team, its coaching staff and booster club members. Stars Mathew McConaughey, Matthew Fox, Ian McShane and David Strathairn attempt to capture the angst of the devastated town and the coaching staff who attempted to rebuild a devastated program. McConaughey rises to the front, though his portrayal is a bit nerve-racking. Due to their TV personas, one expects Fox to walk into a jungle and McShane to let loose a string of exaggerated obscenities. Some characters are too strong to shake.



The football scenes are staged; some glaringly so, however, Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, by utilizing close-up isolation cameras manages to pull the field action off with believability, but not realism. The score, by Chris Beck, is largely forgettable, but the soundtrack is worth having, featuring many of the top 40 songs of the time, including Black Sabbath's "Paranoid". McG continues to be very now-now with his direction. No originality, no innovations; just whatever is 'hot' at the time to ride the crest of the wave. Back in the day, we called them B-movie directors.

WE ARE MARSHALL is worth a look, but basically you have to be in the mood. It offers nothing new on the sports film front and while McConaughey is fun to watch, the movie suffers from predictability; even with the added dimension of the plane crash. It's a movie for football fans in the midst of baseball season.


A true story that is depicted very well. Some of the critics are calling it full of cliches, but this movie is the reason why there are cliches....overcome tragedy through hard work and determination.

Very well done. A must see.
I just saw this movie and it was much better than expected. It grabs you from the beginning so you better hold's an emotional roller coaster.

It will make you laugh and it will make you cry...sometimes at the same time!

Anthony Mackie was the surprise of the movie. Great role.

Don't miss it.
In We Are Marshall, the dubious tandem of Director McG (Charlie's Angels) and actor Matthew McConaughey team up to relive the story of the 1970 Marshall University football team that was lost in a plane crash coming home from a game against Eastern Carolina. The deaths of 75 players, coaches and boosters was a devastating blow to the University and the community around it, leaving many to wonder whether there would ever be football again at Marshall. The result is a poorly managed, severely miscast walking sports clich
We Are Marshall is the third football movie this year following last fall's Gridiron Gang and Invincible. Whether it was a necessary addition or not is really a matter of opinion. Personally, I have always found football films to be manipulative. Come to think of it, the only football movie I really enjoyed was Friday Night Lights (and that isn't there just to plug Joe's Kingdom director Peter Berg either).

We Are Marshall tries to innovate the tiered genre by infusing a story which is pivotal to the small town in which it takes place, unfortunately the film is still riddled with clich

Truthfully I wouldn't have seen this movie if it wasn't for the fact that I was going to a special 1-week early screening of it with a friend I hadn't seen in awhile. But regardless I saw it and got just about what I asked for right up until the last 30 minutes or so. As you might have read from some of these reviews it is a movie filled with the typical sports cliche's and as usual it has a bad (although better here than he normally is) acting job by Mr. Hotness himself (Matt. McCon.). I just can't stand him and I don't understand how he gets in so many movies...I mean really what do people see in him besides eye candy for the ladies?! Ok enough ranting as for the rest of the movie I thought it was pretty good but VERY depressing. For me I thought it was just OK but as a huge sports fan I really enjoyed the ending, about the last 30 minutes of the movie I really loved...too bad M.M. had to star in it. By the way you will notice right from the start that he has the little thing he does throughout the entire movie with his mouth and while he speaks...IT IS SO INCREDIBLY ANNOYING!!! 6/10

Great people movie! A must see to end the year!!! This movie will have you on emotional roller coaster. One second your crying then your laughing. Just a great movie for everyone.
Audience was totally engrossed in this very sad account of the eventual comeback of Marshall U. and the surrounding community following the disastrous plane crash.
I'm kinda shocked that the tomatometer isn't alot higher for this. It's cliched as hell, but it never tries to be something that it's not. The acting was superb all around and the football scenes were excellent. If you like sports movies this is right up your alley.
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