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Warrior 2011

The youngest son of an alcoholic former boxer returns home, where he's trained by his father for competition in a mixed martial arts tournament - a path that puts the fighter on a collision corner with his older brother...

Release Date:
September 9, 2011
140 min
Gavin O'Connor ...
Kevin Dunn, Gavin O'Connor, Joel Edgerton, Denzel Whitaker, Robert Bizik, Vincent Riviezzo, John Wooten, Fernando Chien, David Morse, Brenna Roth, Anthony Johnson, Noah Emmerich, Frank Grillo, Maximiliano Hernández, Jeff Hochendoner, Dwayne Pintoff, Sonny Vellozzi, Jace Jeanes, William Kania, Jeremy Moon, Marki Henderson, Nick Nolte, Jake McLaughlin, Richard Fike, Tom Hardy, Sam Harris, Kevin Christy, Bryan Callen, Gilbert Soto, Lou Pacheco, Andy Sinatra, Joseph Tornatore, Paul Weaver, Carlos Miranda, Jennifer Morrison, Elysia Annacini, Jack Fisher, Roman Mitichyan, Stephanie Bertoni, Amir Perets, Liam Ferguson, Thayr Harris, Rashad Evans, Tammy Townsend, Nathan Marquardt, Stephanie Macdougall, Frank Apollonio, Daniel Stevens, Armon York Williams, Nickole Horrell, Kurt Angle, Laura Welsh, Giovanna Yannotti, Len Kabasinski, Isaiah Varisano, Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom, Paul Morris, Vanessa Martinez, Shaun Guttridge, Laura Chinn, Chas Scherer, Hans Marrero, Tommy Dallace, Adrienne Wehr, Etta Cox, Cristina Aloe, Michelle Herforth, Shane Tallant, Monica Ciszczon, James Werley, Jeff Lowery, Michelle Vezzani, David Barckhoff, Jason Baker, Aaron Kleiber, Andrew G Buchan, Amara Arielle Offhaus, Phil Nardozzi, Tracy Campbell, Brandi Thokey, Stephan Bonnar, William James Kelly, James P. Bennett, Rick Montgomery Jr., Jojo Marko, Yves Edwards, Julia Stockstad, Edward Luksich, Dillon Cutright, Zack Yanni, Harold 'Hank' Clark, James Viscusi, Robert Chase Pallone, George Romero, Rejeana Silla, Zach Markel, Michelle Boyer, John P. Gross, Dan Caldwell, Lexi Cowan, Josh Rosenthal, Sam Sheridan, Manuel Espinosa, Adam Stanley, Erik Apple, Tim Bickel, Nick Lehane, Arturio Saunderese, Roan Carneiro, Stephen Victor, Joseph E. Myers, Russell Vance Bailey, Omar Brooks, James Dreussi, BC Furtney, Jason Glance, Lanessa Grace, Tiffany Kemp, Davon Magwood, Ed McKeever, Joshua Rocchi, Jennifer Roche, John Seibel, C.W. Swinchock, Jason Swinchock, Anthony Tambakis, Jenn Thomas, Jason Botsford, Elyse Alberts, Capri Thomas, Jimmy Cvetic, Jake Digman, Andre Mason, James Houk, Brian Raymond Rowe, Lambert R. Strayer, Roman Vasylyshyn, Jonathan Matthew Anik, Michelle Dawn Mooney, Kevin P. Hanley, Sandy Notaro, Francesca Ortenzio, Jaime Sinue Aguirre, Tom McCue, Rustic Bodomov, Raymond Rowe, Andre' Mason, Carlos Miranda, Anthony Johnson, Gavin O'Connor, Sam Harris, Joe Fishel, Jeffrey Mowery, Nicole Rash, Tim Katz, Nick Kincaid, Joey Nolfi, Lonnie Thomas, Kristin Jacques, Chad Bruns, Tammy Townsend ...
Drama, Action, Sport ...

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Solar rating: 8.9


Imdb rating: 8.2

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pretty good flick... great fights and a nice story line to boot :) 8.5/10
Tom Hardy is brilliant in this, he is such a cameleon, could play anything. Didn't think I would like this as much as I did. Would watch it again.
One of the very few movies I actually keep on my hard drive. Love this movie and have watched it several times. I'm not a fan of UFC type stuff, really.. but that didn't stop me from watching this, and I'm so glad it didn't. Don't pass this one up!
loved it just as much as the first time. 10/10
I love this movie. 9/10
This Movie was Great 8/10
Amazing movie, Tommy is the BEST !
This was a very good movie. I liked the acting of the father and the two sons, strong emotions involved in the story. Check it out!
best fighting movie I've ever seen, 10/10
Love this movie!!!
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