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sucked, anything with Jolie in it sucks.
THIS MOVIE IS SO GOOD! great acting on all parts
Guilty pleasure too! 8.5/10
Much better than I expected. Great action but a mediocker story line ... overall good watch.
absurdly preposterous but very well done.. as it turns out, i've watched it before.. it left no cognizant recollection on my memory and i can see why.. enjoyed it anyway ~ a scathing indictment on the state of my mind. hahaha
Ok, so just watched that: acting was average at best, I don't know the comics, but I like that kind of movies, clearly comics inspired and most of the time the use of slo-mo is spot on, so I actually really enjoyed watching this movie, reminded me a lot of Shoot em up. Job well done overall I'd say, and thumbs up for the director of this movie.
Never watched the movie but i am now, most movies with bad reviews i actually like so lets see.
Best Movie I have seen in a while LOVED IT
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