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This is a good movie. 7.5/10
Classic 'The Rock'. type story.
Spoiler Alert...Bad guys F*ck with The Rock, The Rock F*cks up bad guys.
Some recognizable actors you've seen in other things.
It's well done and entertaining (the original is good too)
Recommend you check it out (or watch it again)
@sebash07 More of The Rock after Hercules eh!!!
Was a good watch. Enjoy. Cheers...
Thanks for the info will give it a go :)
@sebash07 Wassup Baby Girl, long time no see. This movie is great for a Dwayne Johnson vehicle, but for the better movie check out the original 1973 version. It is a bit dated but the humanity still resonates. There are even two sequels to tell the whole story. The real character is named Buford Pusser and he is sort of a Tennessee folk hero and was much more interesting than the story it inspired here...... And Merry Christmas!
Really liked this movie & being based on a true story
made it even more interesting 8/10 from me :)
Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?? lmao I love how the Rocks weapon of choice is a 2 X 4. Good stuff; not bad.

A likeable cast saved this from becoming a mundane straight to video release. Nothing ground breaking going on here, just an old fashioned action flick. The Rock shows he's not quite ready to boost a mediocre movie to the next level, but he's getting there.

Didn't think I would like this movie. Turned out to be a lot more enjoyable experience than I thought it would be. Dwayne Johnson returns home to every cliche in the book. That would normally annoy me. Johnny Knoxville plays a cliche. That would normally annoy me. There's the old friend/rival from high school. That would normally annoy me. What made me enjoy this one? Well, is actually turning out to have a decent screen presence. The action scenes are well done and there's just the right amount of humor here. Worth a watch.
"Chris Vaughn, you are no Buford Pusser." Those were my thoughts after viewing this horrid remake of the 1973 Joe Don Baker original. The WWE's own The Rock stars as the soldier returning home to a town that is not what it was when he left. Johnny Knoxville plays the comic-relief sidekick, and is terrible. Ashley Scott(Birds Of Prey) plays the former love interest and Neal McDonough(Boomtown) is the antagonist and although he was brilliant in Boomtown he is not in this. I liked The Rundown and even thought The Scorpion King was tolerable but this is not. The Trailer is a much better version of the movie than it is itself. At the point in which he becomes Sheriff I was completely not into the movie anymore and could have turned it off at anytime. The best scene is the 10 second shot of him in the road infront of the oncoming truck after he has taken his beating. The worst is up for grabs whether it is the football scene or the truck dismantling I will let you decide. I do hope for The Rock though that his next movie Doom will not as poorly cast or acted.

Character: 2 points
Plot: 1 points
Theme: 2 points
Acting: 0 points
Setting: 2 points
Music: 3 points
Style: 2 points
Originality: 0 points
Continuity: 5 points
Speed/Flow: 5 points
Total: 22 points
DVD First Viewing, 1 Bray film seen

At first, I thought this film was decent. The Rock is an alright actor, and I laughed when we were introduced to Johnny Knoxville's character. His name is Ray Ray (just like it was in A Dirty Shame). Although, as Walking Tall progressed, it got worse. I started cringing at every plot turn, and at EVERY thing The Rock did. This movie has the same moral problem as Stuart Gordon's King of the Ants. You can't make a revenge film (without any style) where the protaganist uses the same deplorable actions as the bad guys to seek their revenge. You can't go around shooting guys and hitting them with planks! If Toby Keith was a filmmaker, this would be his self-declared masterpiece. For others, it is unredeemable.
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