Sure, its not the life average Americans can relate to, but its entertaining as many American urban hard knock, hood and street-life films come, especially portraying the everyday rough, West Coast Cali lifestyle. Storyline is simple, sure, maybe even predictable, sure; but I love the way it plays out. A dedicated father going to extreme measures to save his son from the life of foster homes and death. One of my favorite films to watch. My boy Tyrese can sell a scene of a real life situation, and the sexy ass Meagan Good along for the ride? 5/5 for me easily.
glamour, car chases, death
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Waist Deep

For all of it's stereotypes, this was enjoyable. There really isn't much more ot say about it. The storyline was the same as always: "Father with son. Son gets kidnapped. Father gets pissed and goes looking for him. Father finds son..."

Little Man

Not as funny as White Chicks, but I laughed more than I did in Nacho Libre, even though that's not really saying much either. I have a theory, and that is that the only reason the Wayans brothers ever have any money is because when one has a movie, all of them are in it. To quote Robert DeNiro from Meet the Parents, "Great, the party's gonna be full of Fockers."

Except insert "Wayans" in place of "Fockers" and use the same connotation. That's how I felt.
The story we've seen so many times done exactly the same way we've seen all those times before. Waist Deep had poetential but lacked it just about everything after the first 20 minutes. The finale was ridiculous.

a pretty good action movie.
Tyrese and Meagan Goode(whom I'm not fond of) did a good job in this movie. The Game was good too. The movie had a good plot and kept me anxious to see the outcome.
Not enough action to keep interesting and amature acting slows the movie to a stop. Way out of the league of classic gangster/mafia movies. Lacking originality and reality with a scrambled plot. 1.5/5
Garbage revenge movie that loses its focus.
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