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Masterpiece. Without these Hitchcock films the world would seem less.
Vertigo is one of those rare movies where the tension continues to build from the beginning to the very end. A tense psychological thriller that touches on a wide range of themes: deception, obsession, guilt, the repetition of history, and the eponymous paralyzing fear. This movie should be required viewing for any fan of the mystery genre.

The only reason I didn't turn this movie off after 45 minutes was so I could say it sucks without getting the whole 'how could say it sucks if you didn't see the whole thing' arguement. It's boring, James Stewart is annoying (picture an overly obsessive Mr. Rogers), and the plot requires a suspension of disbelief that's beyond the next stratosphere.
"Vertigo" was indeed a great movie, and all the confusion it caused might have made it better. You can not just watch this movie, you think about what is happening meanwhile watching it. Certainly one of the best movies that I have ever, maybe will ever, seen.
A classic, entertaining film that fails to live up to its 98 percent tomatometer...
Vertigo is a rather long and slow moving, but also an exciting look on acrophobia.
I thought this movie was excellent. Definately keeps you guessing!
More genius from the master.

Awesome title sequence from Saul Bass and a score from Bernard Herrmann which knocks your block off.
One of my favorite Hitchcock films, it really is great, and haunting and a deceptively cunning film.
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