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V/H/S 2012

When a group of misfits is hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house and acquire a rare VHS tape, they discover more found footage than they bargained for...

Release Date:
September 6, 2012
116 min
Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, David Bruckner, Tyler Gillett, Justin Martinez, Glenn McQuaid, Radio Silence, Joe Swanberg, Chad Villella, Ti West, Adam Wingard ...
Simon Barrett, Kentucker Audley, Joe Swanberg, John Walcutt, Lane Hughes, Adam Wingard, Calvin Reeder, Sophia Takal, Jason Yachanin, Christie Vozniak, Graham Reznick, Lisa Marie Thomas, Kat Slatery, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Melissa Boatright, Nicole Erb, Bryce Burke, Bilal Mir, Hannah Fierman, Mike Donlan, Joe Sykes, Drew Sawyer, Jas Sams, Kate Lyn Sheil, Drew Moerlein, Helen Rogers, Chad Villella, Tyler Gillett, Paul Natonek, Nicholas Tecosky, Damion Stephens, Koz McRae, Eric Curtis, Nicole Boccumini, Melinda Fleming, Rob Mosca, Elizabeth Davidovich, Norma C. Quinones, Angelyn Pass, Nichole Drew, Kelly Comeaux, Jeannine Elizabeth Yoder, Sarah Byrne, Leticia Solana, Raymond Carr, Sunita Patel & Family, Sarah Smith, Isaiah Hillman, Nate Dorn, Matthew Newman, Justin Martinez, Marrisa Kaye, Golda Steinberg, Corrie Lynne Fitzpatrick, Bradley Seale, Ashley Williams, Sehoy Thrower, Taliyah Hillman, Jessica Sanchez, Lisa Carter, Megan Lazzara, Sarah Dowdy, Felicia Moniz, Andrew Droz Palermo, Glenn McQuaid, Fawn Ortega, Matt Brohammer, Victor Wilson, Christina Smith, Nicholas Ozimer, Daniel Kaufman, Frank Stack, Jessica Hoehn, Dale Adams, Anna Bryant, Patrick Buntichai, Joshua Carey, Jennifer Sacks, Jenny Bidderson, Liz Harvey, Ryann Moon, Josh Wilcox, Parker Davidson ...
Horror, Thriller ...

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Solar rating: 6.9


Imdb rating: 5.8

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When I very first "tried" to watch this awhile ago, I turned it off and it was just getting started but after hearing more about it, I decided to watch it all the way through to the end and I'm kinda glad I did. I'm not a big fan of found footage stuff personally, however, I do like a good anthology.My favorite story was the one with that scary looking girl-thing... this creeped me out big time! I'd say if you like anthologies, check this out.. 7/10
Now, off to watch the second one!
Watched this last night. I am not a fan of found footage films, but put that aside and this was a decent movie. Not terribly scary nothing that made me jump out of my seat, but worth watching. For what it is I gave it 6/10
Decent shorts. I was hoping for a little bit more tension and suspense, but I enjoyed it anyway. Going to watch the second one now.
Loved both movies, some of my absolute fav new horror films and can't wait for the soon to be released third installment of the franchise V/H/S: viral
Not as good as the 2nd VHS...5/10
Watched "V/H/S". I wanted to watch this one first before I watched the second one. This is a series of short scary/horror films caught on homemade vhs tapes. A group of guys go into a house to retrieve a vhs tape for blackmail money and end up watching a few homemade horror movies during the theft. There are about 5 or 6 shorts and some are better than others(I liked the first one the best).After the first story, you know somethings coming up in the next ones that just add tension and anticipation to what's coming next. Theres alot of scary parts and gory scenes throughout. Not too bad overall. I would give it 6 out of 10 stars.
thanks I will definately check them out!! as far as what u would like, that depends-do u like ghost type scary stuff,disturbing,gore films,or psychological thrillers??as far as ghost/paranormal scary,i would say "Mama", Sinister, Grave Encounters 1 & 2,and V/H/S 2..If u can handle disturbing stuff, Martyrs, High Tension, and Inside (all foreign films but in English)..
@MariaAQuinn Whats telling you your not writing in english???? and please slash my last comment for part 2 of this movie,it is now added to Solars libary (V/H/S 2) enjoy..........
I know alot of ppl don't like this b/c it is filmed like TBWP and Paranormal Activity,but I disagree I think it makes the film seem more real,and I really enjoyed this movie.I have seen so many horror films,it takes alot to scare me- rarely do I see a movie that does-there were parts of this that actually made a chill run down my spine.Not sure what it was about it,but it makes me very happy when i watch something that does..makes me feel "alive"If anyone can recommend other movies that might do the same, i would appreciate it !
part 2 of this is out pm me for the link
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