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Unleashed 2005

A man enslaved by the mob since childhood and raised into behaving like a human attack dog escapes his captors and attempts to start a new life...

Release Date:
May 13, 2005
103 min
Louis Leterrier ...
Phyllida Law, Morgan Freeman, Christian Gazio, Jet Li, William Cagnard, Oumar Diaoure, Bob Hoskins, Scott Adkins, Alain Figlarz, Andy Beckwith, Georgina Chapman, Dylan Brown, Tamer Hassan, Michael Webber, Alain Grellier, Michael Jenn, Affif Ben Badra, Emmanuel Lanzi, Joseph Beddelem, Michaël Troude, Patrick Médioni, Jeff Rudom, Pierre Rousselle, Laurence Ashley, Thierry Saelens, Vincent Haquin, Patrick Vo, Mike Lambert, Vincent Regan, Marc Hoang, Vincent Tulli, Kerry Condon, Carole Ann Wilson, Jaclyn Tze Wey, Puthirith Chou, Tony Theng, Owen Lay, Franck Xie Cheng, Danielle Louise Harley, Alex Lawson, Stuart Lawson, Audifax Kinga, Eric Mondoloni, Vanessa Mateo, Maurice Chan, Grégory Feurté, Amadéo Cazzela, Cyrille Hertel, Santi Sudaros, Valérie Hénin, Sedina Balde, Christian Bergner, Jean-François Lenogue, Malki Attar, Serge Beuchat, Tarik Zitouni, Frédéric Dessains, Carlos Bonelli, Michel Bouis, Ksénia Zarouba, Pascaline Girardot, Alain Barbier, Nic Stevens, Gregory Loffredo, Mouloud Ikhaddelene, Marc Chung, Eric Etje, Sylvain Gabet, Karim Hocini, Loïc Molla, Louis-Marie Nyee, Patrick Oliver, Sebastien Soudais, Kazu Patrick Tang, Frédéric Alhinho, Vincent Chatelain, Tarick Hadouch, Lionel Bouvard, Pascal Lavanchy, Quentin Pierre, Clara Creantor, Christelle Senechal, Isabelle Didier, Gwenael Mairey, Ariadna Cascaval, Ludmila Henry, Rebecca Hazan, Hyggins Sansa, Matthieu Albertini, Georges Benoît, Osana Ekue, Miguel Cueva, Kathy Farkas, Friedrich Hartwig, Stéphane Gluck, Victor Izquierdo, Igor Joly-Erard, Sety Diaby, Gilles Louzon, Kamel Tazit, Georges Bouchelagem, Tyana Raboana, Jean Atonga, Jamal Bellyazid, Serge Gnaly, Fred Zanolino, Michel Flasch, Iouri Zagorski, Silvio Simac, Pascal Lopez, Christophe Weyer, Ken Chung ...
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Action, Romance, Music ...
UK, USA, France

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Solar rating: 8.5


Imdb rating: 7



In my opinion this is one of Jet Li's best movies. You really feel for his character through out the movie. Morgan Freeman, as always, was excellent. Well worth a watch! 9/10 easily.
I like this movie. I say 9/10. Jet Li was awesome. Morgan Freeman, as always, fantastic. Through the movie (as only a masterful story can) you feel yourself going through what the characters do. I keep comming back to this film about every 4 months, just because the story in it, is phenominal. Cheers all
Awesome is the first word that comes to mind. I absolutly loved it. Def worth watching.
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