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Okay this copy is way better then the first one out, just need it on Putlocker etc unless you have a extra 4 hours to load up lol, but even still its a better copy, ty ^^

new one,cam again but i think its better :)

Here is the english release , no arab subtitles or anything .. Enjoy!

I think its funny that the same person uploads this movie by a dozen diff names so we wont know its them until we start the movie lol

Watching ruins it for when a good version comes out, I wish I wasn't so desperate to see it, wish this copy wasn't even put on the internet.
Do yourselves a favor and wait, wish I would have.
( a lot of wishes here lol )

yayayaya its here its here..getting ready to watch it :)

The audio has that echo'd muffled sound to it, video quality isn't horrible but it's not the best and it has what looks like arabic subtitles.

Can't wait on this one... comeeeeee fastttt xD

I simply LOVE Kate Beckinsale. HOTTEST Vampire Ever.

Even after watching the Trailer when it tells at the end the Date of Release. I can't wait till Jan 2012.

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