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This movie was the best so far. It is a must see in IMAX 3D. Saw it last night and wow, action from beginning to end.

Except for the first 5-10 minutes this is a great link, ty ^^

Okay this copy is way better then the first one out, just need it on Putlocker etc unless you have a extra 4 hours to load up lol, but even still its a better copy, ty ^^

new one,cam again but i think its better :)

Here is the english release , no arab subtitles or anything .. Enjoy!

I think its funny that the same person uploads this movie by a dozen diff names so we wont know its them until we start the movie lol

Watching ruins it for when a good version comes out, I wish I wasn't so desperate to see it, wish this copy wasn't even put on the internet.
Do yourselves a favor and wait, wish I would have.
( a lot of wishes here lol )

yayayaya its here its here..getting ready to watch it :)

The audio has that echo'd muffled sound to it, video quality isn't horrible but it's not the best and it has what looks like arabic subtitles.

I simply LOVE Kate Beckinsale. HOTTEST Vampire Ever.

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