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Troy 2004

An adaptation of Homer's great epic, the film follows the assault on Troy by the united Greek forces and chronicles the fates of the men involved...

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Good movie.
Everyone in the movie is beautiful
Only thing i wanted more was more shirtless brad pitt..rawr!
@7Jets I think whoever gave my comment a negative was a turd. I like Brad Pitt (he's hot)& rather enjoyed the movie once I stayed awake long enough to watch it. So much for people having a sense of humor of any kind.
@Gypo lol i found this comment funny
does anyone know if any of these links are for the extended version? I really liked this movie, and have probably seen it twenty times now, but never with the added scenes.
I really liked the movie although, I might have called the movie Achielles instead but tha'ts because I have seen Helen of Troy long before this one, and that movie is really good, and is much more about well.. Helen of Troy and... well Troy ( its much more detailed, lets leave it at that!).
Anyway, I liked the film and the story, I didn't mind that the focus was on Achielles at all, and thought it was a compelling love story albeit sad. I have to admit that I had a huge problem with Orlando Blooms character... I mean Orlando acted fine but the way Paris was portrayed was... pathetic! I am not asking for total historical accuracy but the man was a fierce warrior not a spineless coward and I think it would have been more credible if he had been a bit more... well.. like a warrior ( which he was raised to be). That aside, it was a good movie with a good pace and very nice to watch :-)
Well it had Brad Pitt in it...I fell asleep twice...another time perhaps.
pretty good movie i give it 7/10.

anonymous nomatter what you idiots think.. brad pitt done a good job in this movie same with the rest of the cast. i think you's are jealous terds??????

:fresh: :rotten: :) :rotten: :fresh:
My college just had a sneak preview of the movie, and Troy is seriously the best movie I have seen in a really long time! It is a wonderful story that has been made into such a great movie. All the acting was amazing, and I loved it from start to finish. It is about 2 hours and 45 min. long, but not once was I bored or checking my watch. Of course all the actors are good looking, who doesn't love to see Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom. But it was more then just good looking guys. It was a great movie, and I would recommend it to everyone! It has everything anyone would want to see in a movie: great story, beautiful people, action, and romance. :D Two big thumbs up! :up: Go see it!!! :D
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