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brilliant movie, watched it about 15 times, never gets old,
Not cool as i expected !! overall 4.5/10 !

Synopsis: A new cop is assigned to a veteran rogue cop who isn't afraid to cross the line to get what he wants.

When it came out in the theaters it didn't look thrilling but I saw it because Denzel won an Oscar for it. I agree that he did a great job. I think Denzel Washington usually plays the same character no matter what movie he is in so it was nice to see him playing something different. He was a charming, bad guy. I thought Ethan Hawke was fine and I guess I can finally quit thinking of him as the slacker kid from Reality Bites.

Other than good acting, the story wasn't very exciting. He's a bad cop. So? It has to be more entertaining than that. It was like we were watching the same scene over and over again. Alonzo tells Jake to do something against the law, Jake says no, he finally says yes and they repeat that until the very end of the movie.

I did like that Smiley didn't ever smile. And Macy Gray is insane since I don't think she was acting since I've seen her do that in when she isn't "in character".
Digital cable rocks and so does this movie. The end
Denzel Washington mugs it up for the camera as a corrupt (with a capital C) narcotics officer who shows the ropes to an idealistic young newcomer (played by Ethan Hawke). The film, which attempts a sort of Scorsese-style gritty realism, is pretty much ludicrous from the get-go, but at least it is mildly entertaining. Washington and Hawke do have some chemistry, and while Washington is certainly over-the-top in his crazy bravado, it's difficult to turn away from him when he is on the screen. The director, Antoine Fuqua, manages to keep the tension high in almost every scene, none more so than a scene in which Hawke finds himself abandoned by Washington in a rather unfriendly house. While the first half of the film is preposterous yet enjoyable in all of its excesses, the second half is just preposterous. What began as an interesting study of corruption turns into a cliche good-guy/bad-guy confrontation...complete with monster-movie cliches of the bad guy screaming and jumping out of unexpected places. Why create interesting characters only to place them in this drivel? It's a disappointing compromise, because Training Day, while never having greatness or profundity within its reach, certainly had the potential to be a half-enjoyable popcorn flick with two engaging lead performers.

Have I already mentioned I like gangster and cop movies? Yes, this one is a great cop film. Really great.
Great cop thriller. Not as good as last year's Narc, but still good nonetheless.

Washington is superb at playing a character you love to hate.
Very good.
My day was pretty boring :) my folks left at 11am so I got to use the computer for hours :D So I had fun. I watched Training Day. I don't see what the big fuss was about this movie? ooo Washington can act like a totle fucking asshole :rolleyes: it was okay and it had some good parts I liked the ending very fitting.
Training Day is yet another example of movies that turn out to be quite different from what you're expecting.

I heard plenty about the film, but not much about the story before watching it today. I was expecting the story to go something like this: Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke) is teamed up with Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington), who is his training officer. (Jake wants to be a narc.) Jake is wet behind the ears, but he soon picks up. There's some dramatic scene, and he finally earns Alonzo's respect and a place as a narc.

Nope. I was oh, so wrong.

The first half of the movie is fresh, and doesn't fall into a lot of the crime drama cliches. It works, and is believable (and pay attention, because some of those events you think were small come back into play later on in the film). The second half starts to fall into bad good cop/bad cop cliches. You find out what kind of cop Alonzo really is, and what happens to him is interesting. I wasn't expecting it until close to the end myself. A lot of the events turn into implausibilities, but are still entertaining, if that makes any sense.

It's a good, fresh movie, period. Great entertainment, and Denzel Washington acts the hell out of his character.

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