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A Classic !!!
Cute animation
This Sequeal is without a doubt better and funnier than the first!
A sequel that is lovable and will show people that toys can be entertaining.
Godfather quality film, for the children. Cleverly done, and impressively developed as a film.
This is actually perfect, a faultless piece of writing based in exquisitely developed characters. Toy Story 2 leaves off from Toy Story, with a plot where Woody is confronted by his forgotten past and again the prospect of braking the tie with Andy. The A plot has Woody deciding between two goods - returning to finite love with Andy or leaving for an infinite love at a toy museum. By 2, Buzz has come to terms with his position as a toy - he is the hero and leads the rescuein Plot B. In brilliant moments of existentialism, he meets other Buzzes who have not made that mental leap and confronts them with their reality as a Toy, as Woody does for him in 1. The film has nods to Star Wars, Indiana Jones and many more cinematic favourites and yet whilst accomplishing all this, still remains a magical, funny family movie, which with its toy POV engages with children and adults' childhood memories of the time when your toys are real. One word for this, magic darts.
A great follow up to the original but I felt it lacked more heart than the first film had. Once again a great showing by all characters involved.
One of the best sequels of all time! :)
I loved the first one, perhaps the sequal is even better, the plot is brilliant, a great script too. I might be eighteen now, but bring on Toy Story 3.
Rare is the sequel that is better than the original: better writing, better animation, better heartwarming/heartbreaking moments, and more laughs. The real tear-jerker for me is the song When She Loved Me, and the classic story of toys that are given up when the kids get older, and the fear that Andy will give up Buzz and Woody when the day comes, and I can't wait to see Toy Story 3, and I'm sure it'll have its own tear-jerking moments, and own laughs, and own freshness that will make it the best of the three.
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