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i love this movie :X :))

best animation ever. toys talking wow

i just love this animation

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A couple of months ago I bought a box set of Pixar movies which inluded Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Monsters Inc. This last week I watched them again and here's what I have to say about them:

Another great achievement by the Pixar guys. Using the common kid's fear of the monster in the closet to show that actually the monsters are even more scared is quite clever. The characters are all loveable, and I give a special mention to Billy Crystal, who actually does only what he usually does but it's just great. However this one feels more like a kid's movie than the two toy story flicks. But this is compensated by the clever humor that plays with the similarities between the human world and the monster's world. One example that comes into my mind is when Mike asks Sully for a odorant instead of a deodorant. Hilarious.
First up, WWE's RAW...
The first comment I would like to make is this:
Kane is infatuated with he ties her in a chair and terrorizes her. Lita is far from Meryl Streep and it was simply laughable as she screamed for help. It was even worse once Matt Hardy came to make the save..."Did he touch you...I'll kill 'em!"

Furthermore, can a championship match end cleanly anymore. I hate "squash" endings and run-ins. Yet, for the past ten or so years that is all we have gotten. What RAW did last night was rob us of a great match by voiding out anything that happened during the said encounter.

Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels
World title match
I could say the younger generation is luckier than I was twenty years ago. Toy Story exactly shows the way towards the perfection of the film animation industry is at hand. many of you swing by me journal, see a longish entry, and swing away? Would it help if I told you the pic in the last entry really *was* of the 2004 commencement for the University of Colorado at Boulder on a beautiful Friday morning? Should I include more pictures and less words? Is that my problem? :p

(unsheathes chainsaw & points it to the sky)

Fellow RT'ers, you are now looking at a collection of pixels constituting your new moderator. (lightning bolt) And with that, I bring ye all TEN...ten demandments to live your online life by.

And if you order Neumthor's lovely "Kitchen Saw" now for twenty-seven low low payments of 3 trillion space credits, you get an extra 5 demandments FREE! The "Kitchen Saw" is perfect for mincing your meat and beheading your lettuce. Be sure not to pass this once in a virtual lifetime offer up! Call 3-677777777-911-0911 now! That number again is 867-530-Niiieeeeiiiine

Now now, you'll all have time to order later. So let's get this over with:
(clouds gather)

1.) Thou shalt not have no other mods before me.

B.) Thou shalt address your Mod as "Sir".

III.) Thou shalt douse thy self in flame before you create ugly, angry forum controversy

S'more.) Thou shalt bring me a double scoop of cookies n' cream ice cream at Ben & Jerry's on your next trip to San Francisco. Nah, make that a triple scoop...

This is the sacred text that exists on the left side of the ".)". We're secretly better than the pitiful demandment on the other side. Ssshhhhh!! Don't tell the other side that we plot against it! ALWAYS PLOTTING! .) Thou shalt, not shall. And for the love of Bob, put on some pants.

(tablet shatters)


FIVE....FIVE demandments that ye all shall live by. All shall obey.....or ELSE!
(revs chainsaw)

(shifts eyes)

Erm, good night.

(closes curtain & puts away sock puppets)
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