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Tower Heist 2011

When a group of hard working guys find out they've fallen victim to a wealthy business man's Ponzi scheme, they conspire to rob his high-rise residence...

Release Date:
November 4, 2011
104 min
Brett Ratner ...
John Farrer, Matthew Broderick, Frank Pesce, Juan Carlos Hernández, Ben Stiller, Ty Jones, Peter Conboy, Alan Alda, Lynn Witty, Danielle McKee, Judd Hirsch, Marcia Jean Kurtz, John Cenatiempo, Christopher Breslin, Stream, Eddie Murphy, Derrick Simmons, Mark J. Parker, Brian Smyj, Craig Castaldo, Matt Lauer, Zeljko Ivanek, Clem Cheung, Mike D. Anderson, Ilan Krigsfeld, Téa Leoni, Steven Weisz, John A. Locke, Loukas Papas, Michael Peña, Heavy D, Bill Chemerka, Jeff Grossman, Christopher Peuler, Casey Affleck, Debbie Lang, Jessica Szohr, Robert Clohessy, Joan Rivers, Harry O'Reilly, Village, Brian Distance, James Colby, Robert Christian, Dennis Rees, Elizabeth Logan, Joe Wissler, Robert Downey Sr., Michael Shulman, Allie Woods Jr., Peter Riga, Ted Lochwyn, Chris Barnes, Rock Kohli, Annika Pergament, Peter Van Wagner, Blanca Camacho, Stephen Henderson, Mark Philip Patrick, Moe Hindi, Aristedes Philip DuVal, Gabourey Sidibe, Troy Hall, Elizabeth Ruelas, Jan Owen, Chris Rivaro, Larry Goldstein, Rosemary Howard, Vonn Harris, Stephane Nicoli, Jian, Nina Arianda, Christina Jacquelyn Calph, Shirley Dluginski, Desmin Borges, LeRoy Mobley, Addison LeMay, Zuzanna Szadkowski, Barbara Vincent, John Mancini, Dushawn Moses, Kevin Pariseau, Nick Diamantis, Elle Hartman, Ian Bonner, Omar Nicodemo, Gabriel Lopez, Jeremy McLain, Mark Steiger, Stanislav Shkilnyi, Kelvin Davis, Ming Zhao, Judianny Compres, Aprella, Paul Hickert, Kenzie Kyle, Walter DeForest, Zoë Van Tieghem, Aja McKenzie, Josh Moltane, Shireen Abdo, Benjamin Lott, Will Love, Mark Pettograsso, Nyell Segura, Bettina Mangiaracina, Alix Cross, Les Papp II, Juanita Howard, Dylan Ratigan, Robert Leckington, Andrew Ayala, Lynne Rossetto Kasper, Max Russell Pratts, Nathan Asher Malnik, Spencer Malnik, Jarod Malnik, Julie Vilanova, Cynthia Patsos, Kate Upton, Marilyn Kim, Johnny Tran, Monika Plocienniczak, Edward Noone, Annie Park, Michael Stratton, Veronika Korvin, Lucky Park, Madison Knopp, Julie T. Pham, Bojun Wang, Bob Roseman, Dennis Rees, Darra Like Dat Boyd, Jane Gussin, William Smiley, Robert Christian ...
Comedy, Crime, Action ...

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Solar rating: 7.3


Imdb rating: 6.2

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That was a relaxing heist movie. Not too much violence, decent humor, decent acting.
Good entertainment overall.
The heist by itself was ok, with everything you can expect from that kind of things. For the whole family.
Decent modern age Robin Hood (without the hoods though).
I never knew about this movie, I will watch it then I will put my rating :)
I enjoyed this movie.. 6.5/10
@Darthintrepid...ben stiller is funnier when he just uses facial expressions and doesn't say much...and the "puerto rican mohican" was pretty good, too...i was exhausted and figured i'd fall asleep watchin' it...wasn't a great movie but it kept me awake and gigglin' 'til the end.
Yeah, I finally gave in and watched it. "So, how many lesbians do we have to avoid?"
pretty funny watch..."a gauntlet of lesbians" - hahaha.

whats a good link besides putlocker (that's my favorite) i haven't tried any others, because i just wasn't sure??? and this movie doesn't have a putlocker link..

cant wait!

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