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Total Recall 2012

A factory worker, Douglas Quaid, begins to suspect that he is a spy after visiting Rekall - a company that provides its clients with implanted fake memories of a life they would like to have led - goes wrong and he finds himself on the run...

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Didn´t really like it. Buy it is good that they didn't make the same movie with different actors.
First PKD book I read when I was 10. It was truly magic. It's one of my favourites books with Neuromancer and Ubik. Although Blade Runner is not bad, it's lacking. But it's more like Kubrick's The Shining and King's The Shining. A different point of view on the story.
He also wrote 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' which was the bases of one of the great Sci-Fi flicks 'Blade Runner'. As with his other stuff the book bears little resemblance to Ridley Scott's film.
A scanner darkly is the adaption of PKD I liked the much to be honest. And it was lacking. So lacking.
I liked the Verhoeven version better because... I saw it when I was 12 or something like that.
You make a good point (actually 2 with the undies part).
@ven31 @ven31 Actually . . the 2011 The Thing is a prequel to the 1982 The Thing. If you'd watched them both you'd know that the 2011 movie ends at the point where the 1982 movie begins.
Hmmm . . impossible to say which "interpretation" of PKDs story is better. I like them both, as they stand, on their own merits. But, frankly, anyone who says one is better than the other should take up reading because neither of them are true to PKDs brilliant, short story, original. Hollywood, 50 years on, still don't know how to screenplay a classic sci-fi without filling it with crappola!
This one's actually a lot closer to the original story than the Paul Verhoeven Total Recall. Is it better? No but this is still a good sci-fi movie. Also, Kate Beckinsale in undies.
First of all, let me say I like the first version better. BUT, if we isolate this movie and judge it without comparing it to the 1st version, it's not a bad movie at all.
Effects are awesome, story is good, filled with action, acting is great. Really, it's rare to find a movie with all these qualities lately.
Unfortunately, Total Recall (like Dredd and Robot Cop) are some really big shoes to fill in. So other versions will always carry the weight of comparison.
If you've never seen the original and you're not an Arnold Schwarzenegger-head then you may enjoy this on a basic Sci-fi level, yet for real hardcore Arnie fans like myself this film is an absolute violating perversion of the original. The chances of a B-movie reaching cult status like the original Total Recall are astronomically slim - so the thought process involved in remaking it is embarrassingly ludicrous. I wasted 118 minutes of my life watching it so that you should never have to experience the horror. 3/10
I first caught this film on the encore channel. Watched it about 10 times so far. Sure, its not the type of film for someone of higher intellect, but the plot of the main character opposed to his enemies is what sells it for me. Farrell, dope character. Biel, love her role as a protecter, Beckinsale is an outstanding villain. Woodbine, good to see him in this. Action is superb to the point where I don't care anymore on how badly its criticize. Long story short. This film's grown on me. Worth a watch 6/10
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