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I absolutely loved this film so much. Emily Blunt is a wonderful actor, and Rupert Friend looks so much like Orlando Bloom. I really enjoyed watching this. Great historical period-drama.
They chose well when they selected Emily Blunt to play lead. She's amazing in everything she ends up in. And Rupert Friend plays a great Prince Albert too. They did a wonderful job of portraying the tension between Victoria, her mother, and Sir John Conroy. The music was beautiful and brought goosebumps, especially at her coronation. The costumes were really pretty. if i were an actress this is the kind of movie i would wanna star in.
I really liked this movie. Seen it awhile back, time to re-watch it :D
This is a beautiful piece of work. How I missed it for so long, I will never know. If you like your period dramas, then you would love this film.
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