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I enjoyed this movie, glad to see a sequel coming out "woman in black;angel of death"
Quiet please with this movie, especially to see Daniel Radcliffe
overcome the Harry Potter portrayal that he became so famous for.
His acting was spectacular as always true to character. I look
forward to seeing him in more thriller movies.
I dont get scared but this made my body hair rise .This was the best horror movie after the ring .
Not that bad as far as ghost movies go. To some extent the movie relied too much on sudden loud additional noises to create a feeling of unease or scare you which I hate, so it was pretty bad horror IMHO. But as a movie it wasn't that bad, probably not intended as an horror movie but a thriller on which they slapped some horrorlike sounds.
Radcliffe is okish, no major failure, as for the rest of the cast, they are alright even though they do not try really hard.
The real strength of the movie resides in delivering an atmosphere typical to that kind of movies, and doing it well.
Nothing new here, same old creepy stuff, classic haunted house story, but well made enough to keep me watching.
brilliant movie, always thought daniel radcliffe was going to go downhill after finishing the harry potter movies, but i was wrong :)
this movie is great i saw it when it first came out and this is not my last time watching it. this is one of those movies that is always good no matter how many times you watch it :)
Good movie will scare you alot with the sounds
I don't know why but I just can't get into this movie. I've tried watching it three times and lost interest every time.
The best horror flick i've seen in months.
Wow..On the edge of my seat for most of this movie..8.5/10
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